How to get to Kapshagay

Kapchagay reservoir is one of the well-known resort destinations of Kazakhstan. East coast of the reservoir is included in the Almaty Nature Reserve. Kapchagay attracts tourists not only by its picturesque nature, but also as a centre of entertainment and casinos. If you decided to travel to Kapchagay, you can choose one of the following ways:

From Almaty
Kapchagay can be easily accessed from Almaty by train, regular buses or taxi. The distance between the cities is 75 km.

From Astana
In order to travel to Kapchagay from Astana, it is easier to get from Astana to Almaty first. Many types of transports can be chosen to get from Astana to Almaty, including flights, trains, buses, etc.
Further, a train, a bus or a taxi can be taken to get from Almaty to Kapchagay, as described above.

By plane
The nearest airport to Kapchagay is Almaty Airport. Travelling from Almaty to Kapchagay is described above.

By train
In order to get to Kapchagay by train, tickets should be bought to Kapchagay Railway Station. Train schedules and tickets are available on

By bus
There are regular everyday buses from Almaty to Kapchagay several times per day. Duration of the trip on a bus is 1,5-2 hours.

By car
Kapchagay is in one hour driving distance from Almaty (75 km). An automobile road map of Almaty region is available on the website.

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