Tourism - Almaty region

The total of tourist objects makes 456 units, of them 199 hotels, 72 guest and 19 hunting houses, 21 rest houses, 15 sanatoria and dispensaries, 13 recreation camps and the centers, 190 zones and base of rest and other 6 objects. In area territory the state national natural parks "Three-copecks pieces-emel", «by Kolsaj көлдер і», "Silt-Alatausky", «Zhongar - Alatausky» and "Sharyn", Almaty and Alakolsky reserves are located. In area on a license basis 80 tourist firms, from them 53 tour operators, 27 travel agents operate. 109 tourist routes including such kinds of tourism as informative, ecological, ornithological, sanatorno-improving, ethnographic and others are developed. For formation of the competitive market of tourist services are developed: the Program of development of tourism of Almaty region for 2007-2011 and the master plan for development klaster "Tourism" in Almaty region.

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