North Zhungarsky region

In North Zhungarsky region, in a deserted zone, foothills carry is deserted - steppe character. Низкогорья here steppe, - pine woods and thickets of bushes on valleys of the rivers, srednegorja - лесолуговые and lesolugovo-steppe. Woods consist basically from tjan - шаньской fur-trees. Still above, in a high-mountainous circle, subalpine meadows, loaches, eternal snow and glaciers. Mountain meadows serve as summer pastures - жайляу. In their herbage - кобрезия, манжетка, wild onions, poppies, buttercups. Occasionally it is possible to meet belesovato - a green flower of an edelweiss. Subalpine meadows are covered by pillows арчи (juniper) On the mountain rivers Lepsy, Tentek and another, and also on lake Alakol water campaigns on rafts, kayaks or inflatable courts are made. Starting point of routes - of Taldykorgan. Starting points of routes in the north are located on a highway Taldykorgan - Kzylagash approaches from them on valleys of the rivers Bien, Aksu, Sarkand in length of 30-50 km; in the east initial point - Текели, approaches on valleys of the rivers Koktal, Coke in length of 100 km; in the south the initial point - of Zharkent, from it of 50-70 km on valleys of the rivers Has truncated in the extent approaches, Tyshkan. Here there are typical high-mountainous animals - гонный a ram (архар), a goat (tau - теке), a snow leopard, белокоготный a bear. The mountain country - Zhungarsky Ala Tau is extremely various. Korinsky gorge - this one of the most picturesque mountain natural boundaries of Zhungarsky Ala Tau, extent in its-90 km, the highest mark – 4100 m above sea level. Gorges are ideally suited for the organization of mounting skiing resorts. This district is significant still that here there is one of the greatest falls of Semirechja «Burhan - Bulak".

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