Zailiysky Region

Zailijsky region the most attractive in the tourist relation. The most considerable object is national natural park "Silt-Ala Tau" which is located in territory of three areas: Karasajsky, Talgarsky, Enbekshikazahsky. Silt-Alatausky the state national natural park is created by Governmental order РК on February, 22nd, 1996. The park is located on northern slopes of Zailijsky Ala Tau in immediate proximity from southern capital Almaty. Its extent from the river Chemolgan in the west and to the river Turgen in the east makes 120 km, and in a diameter reaches 30 km. The area of park of 202 292 hectares. The park is unique to the natural characteristics and esthetic features. It is really fantastic, as in a current of one day it is possible to make extraordinary travel in length some thousand kilometers from the Kazakh steppe to Arctic regions. The tourist has an opportunity to observe a unique number of vertical landscape ash value from hot semi-deserts and dry steppes at an input in park to a cool of the Alpine meadow, tundra and cold, covered with eternal snow sparkling by a whiteness and glaciers of rocky tops of high mountains. Mountain safari on horses The horse round which is passing in foothills of Zailijsky Ala Tau near of Almaty, is calculated on the clients having experience of riding on horses. Type saddles «тельдерия» or "cavalry". For beginners – 2-3 special employment for reception of skills of the Supreme driving. Employment are paid separately. Travel will pass on natural park with visiting of cozy and beautiful places of Ala Tau. The group is accompanied by the skilled guide-instructor on riding. During transition you are expected by a lunch in the open air. The general time of round occupies about 10 hours. Rest and ecological tourism Most that involves in national park - it is high-grade rest on the nature and ecological tourism. The park has exclusive conditions for a mass recreation and recovery of health. For example, silent, rest on the bank of mountain small river in a recreational zone, rest in a jurto-tent camping, helicopter round, walks by top, mountaineering and mountaineering. To services of tourists center "Kieli-Bulak" in Tourist's Gensky gorge, tens the pedestrian and horse routes on all territory of park, tracking and rafting. One-day excursions on ecological tracks, scientifically-informative tourism, travel lasting many days with spending the night on the nature and many other things. And winter of driving on a sledge from mountain lines, horse sledge and mountain skiing.

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