Construction and manufacturing infrastructure

Volume of construction work taking into account the revaluation surplus amounted to 105.3 billion tenge. For the year 2009 commissioned residential buildings with a total area of 561.4 thousand square meters. meters (up to 2008 by 6,5%). For housing from all sources is directed 47,790.7 million tenge investment (growth in the year 2008 by 15,6%). The length of highways is 9,617 km of railways is 1303.3 km. The region is a transportation corridor between China and Central Asian republics, Russia and Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan's output of export goods through the Druzhba station in China and then other countries. The region has two airports in Section Burunday and Taldykorgan. There is a cellular communications, access to worldwide information on the Internet.

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