The regional center: Usharal Total area: 23,7 thousand in sq. km. Population: 77,8 thousand people Distance from Almaty: 565 km Distance from Taldykorgan: 300 km Area climate sharply continental, in mountain and foothill areas moderated, in a valley droughty and windy. Soil zones - from high-mountainous chernozems to sandy loams, gray soils and saline soils. In area territory the rivers – Tentek, Chinzhala, Zhamanty, Kyzyltal, Yrgajty proceed. They feed system of Alakolsky lakes – Alakol, Koshkarkol, Sasykkol, Korzhynkol, Zhalanashkol. The flora and area fauna is various. On lakes and reservoirs feathery, including unique 180 kinds nest in the world relic seagulls. Are found архары, mountain goats, bears, leopards, wolves, wild boars, корсаки, foxes and hares, in lakes - a sazan, a white cupid, a carp, a silver carp, a perch, a pike perch. The Alakolsky reserve operates. On lake Alakol coast rest zones are located "Walked", "Zhalyn", "Pelican", tourist center "Alakol" and guest houses of private businessmen.

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