The regional center: Sarkand Total area: 24,4 thousand in sq. km. Population: 45,4 thousand people Distance from Almaty: 420 km Distance from Taldykorgan: 153 km The Sarkandsky area is located in the central part of Taldykorgansky area. In the north borders on the East Kazakhstan area, in the east - with Alakolsky area, in the south – with Aksusky area and China, in the west - with Aksusky area. In area territory there are lakes Balkhash, Zhasyl Kohl, ponds. The area territory is characterized by presence of a dense hydrographic network and settles down in pools of the rivers Sarkan, Baskan and Lepsy with inflows. River sources are at height more than 3000 meters above sea level in the field of glaciers of northern slope of Dzungarian Ala Tau. The river Sarkan originates near to pass Karasaryk from a ridge of Alagardy and is formed from merge of two branches of the Penalty-saryka and Ak-Chaganaka. The arrangement of the given territory in the Euroasian continent has caused lines of sharply expressed continental climate with high continentality – short, but cold enough winter and hot long summer. The area territory, in geomorphological the relation, belongs to mountains Dzungarian Ala Taus and Balkhash-Alakolskoj to a semidesertic hollow.

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