Total region: 0,1 thousand in sq. km. Population: 118,4 thousand people Distance from Almaty: 265 km Taldykorgan became the decree of the President of Republic Kazakhstan from April, 14th, 2001 №585 administrative center of Almaty area. The city is located in the southeast of republic at a foot of northern slopes of Zhungarsky Ala Tau at height of 570-630 meters above sea level, on river bank Karatal. One of bright pages of annals of Zhetysu is historical last Taldykorgana. In 1868 the small settlement Gavrilovka is based on the earth of wintering of "Tal-Korgan". The favourable site сПеред the First World War beginning in village Gavrilovka was 586 court yard, 4,6 thousand persons. Now in a city lives 116,0 thousand the persons representing 70 nationalities and nationalities. Талдыкорган – one of the most green cities of republic, it is buried in verdure parks and gardens. In a city there are monuments which are a part historical and a cultural heritage. Among them a monument of Akyn Sare which the original poetic talent, has left improvisatory skill a bright trace in the history of the Kazakh national culture. A monument of Iljasu Zhansugurovu - to the known Kazakh poet. Favourite place of visiting талдыкорганцев and city visitors is the central square before a building of regional Akimata. The area has been completely restored, the modern design of a building and a fountain towering in the center draw a look. The idea of erection of a fountain belongs to Akimu of area of Shalbaju Kulmahanovu, «the Union of designers of Kazakhstan» has been connected to creative judgement of this idea. The plan, according to the president «Union of designers» of Timur Sulejmenova, is simple and eternal – in architecture to embody updated Zhetysu – edge of seven rivers, seven bases of infinity. The composition of a fountain consisting from seven granite тотемов, bordered with heraldic signs with a modern symbol of Kazakhstan – a leopard, which height: central – nine meters, environments on seven, five meters – symbolize our seven rivers, seven beginnings. The fountain construction is executed from local breeds of a granite. Water, air and the earth – earth symbols, and this sculptural composition – an original symbol. At the city which have become by the regional center the big prospects of development for which there are all possibilities and conditions.

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