The regional center: Talgar the Total area: 3,8 thousand in sq. km. Population: 135,4 thousand people Distance from Almaty: 25 km Distance from Taldykorgan: 260 km the Talgarsky area is located in a southern part of Almaty area, in a foothill zone of Zailijsky Ala Tau and occupies territory - 3,8 thousand in sq. km. An region climate sharply continental with hot summer and in the cold winter. Soils basically dark-chestnut which in a southern part are replaced by chernozems. In area territory almost all landscapes from glaciers to semidesertic areas In area territory are presented there is especially protected Almaty reserve and a part Silt-Alatauskogo of the state national natural park. From historical monuments and sights in area there is a site of ancient settlement of Talhiz. On a Talgarsky site of ancient settlement six unique chessmen have been found, turned from an ivory is a unique find of chess in territory of Kazakhstan. Among finds many imported products from China, India, Iran, etc. Istorija Talhiza is closely connected with history of the Silk way. The ancient city was important central point of international trade on the Great Silk way. Objects tourism:Almaty reserve, Talgarsky gorge, Peak of Talgar (5017м), Peak Noursultan (4376м), Peak Youth (4147м), Peak of Amangeldy (3970м).

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