Total region: 3,6 thousand in sq. km. Population: 46,0 thousand people Distance from Almaty: 70 km Distance from Taldykorgan: 209 km the Kapshagajsky region is located in the jugo-central part of Almaty area on the bank of the Kapshagajsky water basin, in 70 km. From Almaty. A climate continental. Presence of a large fresh reservoir influences creation of an original microclimate that favors to flora and fauna development. The tourist branch of the city of Kapshagaj is based on resources Kapshagajsky вдхр. Cause interest in tourists the rock paintings located on right river bank the Silt, and scenery to a film "Nomad", which since June т.г. Are used as excursion object. Kapshagajsky вдхр. Is the artificial water tank, the watercourse located on the average Silt, its length makes 100 km, width – 25 km. Thanks to prirodno-environmental conditions became one of favourite places of beach rest of inhabitants Almaty and Almaty area. In the summer air temperature reaches +40°С. Water temperature in May and June reaches +18+20°С, +22+28°С in July-August and +18+20°С in September. The most visited object is the city aquapark constructed in 1994 under the Italian project. The complex includes various water attractions for children and adults. At coast of an artificial reservoir it is located more than 150 zones and bases of rest.

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