The historical inquiry

Zhetysu – the pearl of Kazakhstan also means seven rivers, proceeding on this earth and running into lake Balkhash. It is fine and unique edge. In one area of republic there is such congestion Sack, Turkic barrows, rock paintings.

The ancient culture of the Kazakh people is reflected in invaluable monuments of the past – stone sculptures and barrows; ruins of ancient sites of ancient settlement also remind today of a nice history of many generations of the people occupying since ancient times this edge. In the Middle Ages of Semireche was the important centre of agriculture and trade. Through area territory passed a site of the Great Silk way, so-called «a steppe Scythian way» which represents a unique complex of monuments of history, archeology, architecture, the town-planning and monumental art, reflecting deep processes of interaction of nomadic and osedlo-agricultural cultures of the people of Central Asia. In 6-7 centuries it there was the brisk way which was passing from China on the West through Semireche and Southern Kazakhstan. Roads departed from the basic трасы on the north and on the east which conducted in areas of the Central and East Kazakhstan in steppe Desht-and-kipchak, later known as Saryarka, to coast of Irtysh, to Altai and to Mongolia.

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