The general information

The Almaty region was formed on March 10, 1932, its area is 224 thousand square kilometers.The region is located in the far southeast of the Republic, in the east it borders on China, in the south on Kyrgyzstan.


The administrative center is the town of Taldykorgan located in the southeast of the country at the foot of the Zhungar Alatau northern slopes at an altitude of 570-630 m above sea level on the Karatal river bank. At present there are 133,4 thousand inhabitants of seventy nationalities. Taldykorgan is one of the very green towns in the Republic, it is buried in verdure of parks and gardens. There are many relics of the v pasti which are a part of historical and cultural heritage.

There is beautiful and wonderful land in the Almaty region with century-old history called "Zhetysu", it means seven rivers which run here and fall into the Balkhash Lake.

Ancient culture of the Kazakh people is reflected in invaluable monuments of the past, stone sculptures and burial mounds are among them, ruins of sites of ancient -cities also remind us about great history of this land inhabited by man from time immemorial. In the Middle Ages Semirechie was a very important agricultural and trade center, one of The Great Silk Road routes ran across its territory.

The Almaty region has the great tourist recreational potential giving an opportunity for development of tourism both domestic and international. The region also has considerable resources for mountain tourism and rock climbing development.

The Zaili and Zhungar Alatau mountain ranges are unique. The Kan-Tengri peak (7014 m), located in Central Tien Shan, is the highest top in the country. The mountains abound in picturesque lakes and waterfalls.

The tourist routes lead to unique natural historical-cultural, archaeological places of interest such as the Charyn river, Kolsai lakes, relic Ash-tree grove, "Singing Barkhan", "Burkhan Bulak" waterfall, Anrakai Battle place, Zhambyl's Museum, Zharkent Mosque, small town of handicraftsmen "Sheber Aul".
The rivers Charyn, Koksu, Karatal, Hi are attractive for sport-recreation rafting, the lakes Alakol, Balkhash and Kapshagai water body are favourite places for nature lovers who are fond of water tourism ranging from fishing to sailing.

There are unrivaled places of untouched nature where hunting and fishing develop. It is a real treasure for those who are fond of these kinds of sport. Vast tracts and unspoilt beauties of nature will be evaluated even by very experienced tourists.

Zhetysu land with its climatic conditions and magnificent landscape is very interesting and attractive for those who like to travel and to acquire knowledge of the world.

Nature and environment condiitons

Environment of Almaty region includes 5 climatic zones - from deserts to eternal snow. A climate sharply continental, average temperature of January in a flat part-15 With, in foothills - 6-8 With; July - +16 With and +24+25 With accordingly. An annual amount of precipitation on plains - to 300 mm, in foothills and mountains - from 500-700 to 1000 mm a year.

Flora and region fauna

Nature of the region is special. Within one day it is possible to cross actually all geographical zones - from desert to eternal snow. Various plants, grasses, trees grow in foothills and slopes of mountains, hundreds kinds of wild animals, including a rare snow leopard live. In the bottom belt of mountains (to 600 metres) travellers will meet green deciduous woods, having risen above, can take pleasure in a steppe landscape, in valleys of the rivers – fruit gardens, aspen wood, hawthorn thickets. The fauna of these edges also is various. Here probably to meet hares, fiber, hamsters, badgers and even brown bears. At tops of mountains mountain goats, архары, grey steppe fibers live. Many birds live in woods: свиристель, an owl, mountain daws, partridges and pheasants. It is good to visit Pribalhashe in the middle of May. At this time poppies here blossom, and all steppe is very picturesquely covered by "a red flower carpet».

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