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Almaty is one the most beautiful cities at the foot of the emerald Tien Shan ridges and is called a “garden city”. In spring, when the southern outskirts are buried in blossom of apple, apricot, and cherry gardens, the city becomes a fabulous sight. Its magnificent green attire and the grand panorama of the mountains distinguish Almaty from other cities.
Exotic Almaty tourism is something that the traveler within one day can become a witness of the five climatic zones. Follow the path from the hot desert to the eternal snows. The natural complex of this region contributes to the prosperity of the various kinds of tourism.

The city is located in the heart of the Eurasian continent, in the south-east of Kazakhstan, at the foot of the Tien Shan mountains at an elevation of 700 to 1100 meters above sea level.

The climate of the city is is sharply continental, with large temperature fluctuations, not only within a year, but during the days.

Almaty is located in the most blessed place in Kazakhstan, i.e. one of the most climatically balanced places in Central Asia, despiteits sharply continental climate.
There are a lot of unique places near Almaty - from the peak of Khan Tengri and snowy trails of Shymbulak to the Silk Road routes.

Population - 1 million 500 thousand people, area - 350, economically active population amounts to - 763.0 thousand people.

The town is buried in the green: 10 000 hectares of its territory are occupied by parks, trees, parks and gardens. The central streets and avenues slipping down from south to north, taking the example of three mountain streams - Esentay, Large and Small Almatinka that rush down, feeding aryk and fountains, fields and gardens.

Almaty is great in the evenings and at nights, straight rows of colorful lights, sparkling beads of golden, white, orange lights... The lights of shop windows, cafes, restaurants, entertainment centers are lit until dawn. Garden-city, a bright flower in the foothills of Alatau is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Central Asia. Almaty residents are sure that their city is the one of the best cities in the world.

Administrative divisions: the city is divided into 7 administrative and territorial districts: Almalinsky, Auezovsky, Bostandyksky, Zhetysuisky, Medeusky, Turksibsky, Alatausky.

Ethnic composition of population: in addition to the two main ethnic groups - Kazakh (61%) and Russian (23%), as well as about a hundred nationalities: Germans, Ukrainians, Uighurs, Koreans, Tatars, and many others.

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