The South Kazakhstan area: Hodzha Ahmet Jassaui's Mausoleum, XIV century

Complex of the mausoleum of Ahmet Jassaui in the city of Turkestan – an outstanding monument of medieval architecture
Hodzhi Ahmet Jassaui's located in the city of Turkestan in the south of Kazakhstan the mausoleum - a surprising complex of palaces and temples, the masterpiece of architecture constructed during the period with 1385 on 1405. It is included in the List of the world heritage of UNESCO.
This grandiose construction was воздвигнуто in honour of living in XII century known in the east древнетюркского the poet and the preacher суфизма Ahmet Jassaui. The word "Jassaui" means from Jasy. So the city of Turkestan in the ancient time was called.
All city centre - is a historical and cultural reservation of Azret - the sultan. Besides Hodzhi Ahmet Jassaui's mausoleum, it includes, a medieval bath, хилвет, where veins great sacred, the mausoleum great - Timur Rabii's grand daughters - Sultan Begim and other monuments among which the underground house for reflexions of Kumshik-ata by miracle has remained.
Hodzha Ahmet Hazreti Sultan Jassaui - the founder суфизма, the thinker, the poet, the preacher
Hodzha Ahmet Hazreti Sultan Jassaui - the recognised head of a Turkic branch суфизма, the thinker, the popular poet-mystic among local nomads and the religious preacher. The father - Ibrahim ибн Mahmud - was, as Ahmet Jassaui in the 149 хикметах, the religious, dear, known sheikh to Isfidzhab (Sauries) marked. Ahmet was born in the city of Jassy (Turkestan). When he was 7 years old, it has lost the father then mother has given it on the doctrine of Arystanbaba. Ahmet Jassaui's formation as persons occurred in Jassy where it has arrived to 17 years, after death of the teacher. From this age the young man starts to write verses on Arabian, чагатайском, the Persian, Turkic languages. Is interested in poetry, the East literature. Later it has visited Bukhara where took place an apprenticeship at Jusufa Hamadani. Having got a dignity of the expert суфизма, Ahmet Jassaui comes back in Jassy and continues the tradition put by Arystanbaby. Here it has based суфийский an award "Jassaui". Ahmet Jassaui calls for asceticism, renunciation of an external world and patience as it will provide pleasure in a next world. He calls people for justice, honesty, kindness. Thanks to it Turkic language has been entered into literary use.
The national preachers, called "woman", extended the doctrine of Jassaui in Turkestan, Azerbaijan, Asia Minor, around Volga, Khurasan etc. Jassaui has defined a channel of development of a national stream in a new Islamic civilisation of the Turkic people. He has managed to connect new religious ideology to mass consciousness, tengriansko-shamanistekim, зороастрийским. In this process a considerable role has played яссауийское movement which the sermon of justice, moral, spiritual clarification and perfection of the person has found the response in a shower of the Turkic people.
Thanks to Ahmet, суфизм as philosophical system, began to play a main role in spiritual knowledge and outlook of the Turkic people. If to Jassaui the Turkic people prayed to Tengri, after it - began to trust in the Allah. With the help суфизма the Turkic people have learnt east philosophy, philosophy

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