Industrially-economic situation in Shymkent

Today Shymkent is one of the largest industrial centers of republic. On this industrial city the basic share of industrial potential of region is necessary. During the last years the city actively changes, and in many respects thanks to prompt development of business in all South Kazakhstan area. The industrial profile of Shymkent is defined by nonferrous metallurgy, the chemical and petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering. The largest industrial targets of modern Shymkent are the company «Petro Kazakhstan», joint-stock companies "Õ¿¼õáÓ¼", "Juteks", «the Kazahsko-Russian textiles», «РФС», «Rising and the South», «Rising and To», "Inkomtajer", Open Company «Rahat Shymkent», "KitSo", "South-fs", a number of the building companies and others, work СЭЗ "Ontustik" and National company SPK "Онтустик" created in April, 2007. Created in the regional center индустиральная the zone promises to become one of attractive in Kazakhstan. Here the enterprises for processing of metals, release of petrochemical production, building materials, ferro-concrete products will be placed. Here it is considered one of perspective manufactures factory on release of lubricants «HILL Corporation» where plan to make nearby 70 тысяс tons motor and трансмиссонных oils. * As a whole, for 8 months 2010 the volume of output of the industrial output made in Shymkent, has made 84 405 116 thousand tenge (for comparison: in area – 193 436 230 thousand tenge).

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