Art and culture

The cultural policy carried out in a city proceeds, first of all, from the developed vital way of the population, synthesis of original national cultures of a polyethnic society of Southern Kazakhstan. In Shymkent operates 19 cultural national centres: Kazakh, slavic, Uzbek, tataro-Bashkir, German, Jewish, Korean, Azerbaijan, etc. At their participation and support national holidays are had, questions of perfection of obrazovatelno-educational activity, the national policy and leisure of the population of Shymkent are solved. For their work the House of friendship of a name of S.Sejfullina is given. In 2002 in Shymkent "the Avenue of veterans" has been revived. In a city operate 8 parks and the squares, three of them have been based still in the middle of XIX and the XX-th century beginning. The regional philharmonic society of a name of S.Kaldajakova successfully works. Halls of 3 palaces of culture Never are empty. Modern films can be looked at three cinemas. Unique exhibits of an epoch of the State kanguy are exposed in regional museum of local lore. In a city of 28 libraries. Building in 1967 of buildings of the Kazakh and Russian dramatic theatres became event in a cultural life of area. In them national actors KazSsR A. Abdullina, Z.Serikbaeva worked. For 60-80 it is necessary blossoming of creativity of the poet of O.Malkarova, national akyns to K.Umarova, A.Kalybekova, A.Zhylkyshieva's writers. N.Sulejmenova, H. Esengaraeva, O.Postnikova, J.Kungurtseva, M.Bajguta. Founders of the Kazakh theatrical art national actors H.Bukeeva, G.Hajrullina, K.Dzhandarbekov, the poet and the public figure M.Shahanov, composer S.Kaldajakov, writers F.Chirva and Z.Edilbaev are our fellow countrymen. Great popularity, both at children, and at adults such objects of culture and rest, as park of Abaja, an aquapark, technopark, ethnographic park "Ken-woman", the entertaining centres "NIMEX LAND" and "Bamzik" use. Well and, certainly, the children's railway, extent about 6 km, connecting northern part of a city with park, a zoo, a hippodrome. In Shymkent the architectural and historical monuments reflecting various epoch of ability to live of people are concentrated many. On a city territory archeological excavations of an ancient site of ancient settlement and a fortress are conducted, there are monuments to outstanding scientists, cultures, sports, to national heroes. The area and a city are proud of the fellow countrymen, here were born the teacher of language, the corresponding member M.Balakaev, the doctor of geological sciences P.Tazhibaeva, the scientist of the Turkic, academician S.Kenesbaev, Doctor of Philology K.Bektaev and A.Bajtanaev, academician T.Tazhibaev.

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