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The general information on region 1. The general data. The South Kazakhstan area is one of large regions of republic and borders in the east on Zhambylsky area, in the north - with Karaganda, in the west - with Kyzylordinsky area and in the south - with Republic Uzbekistan. Its territory - 117,3 thousand in sq. km, here lives 2,4 million persons. The administrative-territorial structure of area includes 4 cities regional and 4 - regional value, 11 rural areas. The regional centre Shymkent. The regional centre is located on an axis of the international highway Orenburg - Tashkent and the Turkestano-Siberian highway. Besides, has convenient communications on highways: Tashkent - Shymkent - Taraz - Almaty and Tashkent - Shymkent - Turkestan - Samara. The region is rich with mineral deposits, such as barite, coal, iron and polymetallic ores, bentonitovye clay, vermikylit, talc, limestone, a granite, marble, plaster, quartz sand. On stocks of uranium the area wins first place, phosphorites and iron ores - the third place on Republic. The area has two directions of railways, the general extent of 444,6 km, highways of the general using of 5,2 thousand kilometres, including with a firm covering - 5,1 thousand kilometres. The civil aircraft works on lines as extent of 27 thousand in km. In the area industry operate 182 large and average enterprises making about 2,0 percent of volume of an industrial output of Kazakhstan. The area has favorable environmental conditions for agriculture development. On animal industries share 100 % of gross output of agriculture are necessary. In animal industries production the prevailing share is occupied with manufacture of meat, milk and eggs. In area territory there are natural resources which can be used for treatment and rest. Mineral waters of operating sanatorium Saryagash and the mineral thermal waters which chinks are located in 20 km to the south of Kentau, in foothills Karatau, in a picturesque valley of the river of the Step, thermal sources near to the regional centre of Ordabasinsky area (village Temirlanovka) and around village Mankent, and also a curative climate for people with disease of cardiovascular system around White waters, Tjulkubasa and an aul of Tourist's macaw Ryskulova concern them. 2. The industry. In the area industry operate 163 large and average enterprises making about 3,0 percent of volume of an industrial output of Kazakhstan. In UKO It is registered 2197 industrial enterprises, including in mining – 155, in processing – 1635, in manufacture and distribution electric power, gas and water – 156 enterprises. Number working in industries makes 40,2 thousand persons (mining – 6,5 thousand people processing – 25,6 thousand people, distribution of the electric power, gas and water-8,0 of thousand people). The investment projects offered for investment. Favourable transportno-economic situation, the big manpower, modern telecommunication network

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