Shymkent – a city of special power

Researchers of Southern Kazakhstan consider that pioneer settlements in Shymkent have appeared on boundary ХI – XII centuries. However, last finds of archeologists give the grounds to to consider that here there lived people still in VI – VII centuries. The first mention of the city of Shymkent has appeared in 1425 in the book Persian historian Sharaf a hell – a dyne of Ali of "Zafar Name".
The city is located at a crossroads of the Great Silk way. It surrounds the most ancient cities of the Middle Ages – Otyrar
, Isfidzhab (nowadays to Sauries), Jassy (Turkestan), Sjutkent, Syganak, Sauran and others …
In an environment of such legendary cities modern Shymkent continues to remain historical and cultural sight of the south of Kazakhstan, having the industrial infrastructure and attractive sphere of tourist rest.
In the centre of Shymkent the site of ancient settlement which is of interest not only for scientists, and students – historians, but also tourists has remained. On old pictures the city remained such what today nobody can remember it.

The largest museum – regional historical – of regional studies. At it the art gallery representing creativity local of authors functions.
Now the city grows in breadth and up. Today in Shymkent lives about 700 thousand persons whereas still ten years ago the population did not exceed 400 thousand persons. The region Represents themselves the most multinational part of the country in which adjoin with each other and is enriched the culture and traditions by people more than 100 different nationalities.
There is in a city a museum of victims of political reprisals, a museum of the politician of the country of A.Kunaeva. From private creative projects work artly – theatrical salon, gallery "АРТ-21", Vladimir Vysotsky's museum.
City artists present creative works in different styles and directions.
Souvenirs can be got in art – theatrical salon Korlan Kusainovoj or in ethnic departments of supermarkets.

Night clubs, bowlings , city parks, modern trading – the entertaining centres – indispensable attributes of an entertaining life of Shymkent.
Game golf courses – modern hobby Shymken habitans.
Rest zone represent park with its unique collection of valuable breeds of trees valuable with its unique collection, a zoo – the second for the importance in republic, a hippodrome and the non-polluting to it non-polluting and improved territory, an entertaining oasis with lake Tulpar, ethnic park «Ken – the woman».
Horse games – national pride of Kazakhstan. Most fascinating of them pass on a Shymkent hippodrome.
In Shymkent on one square metre possibility to try as a dish of a traditional Kazakh cuisine, and bowling delicacy Uigur, Tatar, Uzbek, Russian, Armenian, Georgian, a Greek cuisine will be presented to you.
The most tasty besparmak prepare in Shymkent. And the dress with national dishes in a city the European cuisine is developed. Thus, for all tastes it is possible to find that will be necessary for soul and a stomach without problems.

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