How to get to Saryagash

Saryagash is one of the most well-known resort destinations of Kazakhstan, which is famous for curative mineral water found in these places. One of the following options can be chosen in order to travel to Saryagash:

From Astana

Since a distance between Astana and Saryagash is quite long (more than 1700 km), the best option might be travelling to Saryagash by flight. The nearest airport to Saryagash is in Shymkent (capital city of South Kazakhstan region), which is about 110 km away from Saryagash. A taxi, a bus or a train can be used to get from Shymkent to Saryagash.
Alternative and much cheaper option is train, which is very popular means of transport in Kazakhstan. There is a direct train from Astana to Saryagash. A trip by train takes about 28 hours.
Buses also can be used to get from Astana to Saryagash; however due to long distance this option might be a little uncomfortable for passengers.

From Almaty

The distance between Almaty and Saryagash is about 850 km. Again, the best option might be travelling by plane through Shymkent, as described above.
Trains and buses with or without a change in Shymkent are also available for travellers.

By plane

Flight tickets can be bought to Shymkent Airport; then a taxi, a bus or a train can be used to get from Shymkent to Saryagash (110 km).

By train

There is a railway station in Saryagash, website can be used to check available trains and buy tickets.

By bus

Intraregional buses offer a travel from Almaty and Astana, as well as from other Kazakhstan cities to Saryagash. Bus schedules can be checked through phone (phone numbers of Bus stations).

By car

If you decided to travel to Saryagash by car, you might need a map of automobile roads of South Kazakhstan region.


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