The North Kazakhstan oblast is located in the north of Kazakhstan, (Sary-Arka). It occupies the southern part of West Siberian plain and a part of Kazakh low hills.
The area territory is equal to 98,04 thousand km2 that makes 3,6% of republic territory. The major part of area territory is located on the southern suburb of West Siberian plain, where the level surface does not exceed 200 meters, and concerns to Ancient lake Neogene plateau, occupying the big spaces between valleys of the Tobol and Irtysh rivers.
Petropavlovsk is an administrative centre of the region which is located on the right bank of the Ishim River (the left inflow of the Irtysh River). The city population is over 200 thousand people. The administrative-territorial framework of the area includes 5 cities, 1 of them is of oblast significance and 4 cities are of regional significance, 13 rural areas.
The region population is 653,9 thousand people.
There are picturesque landscapes, mountain chains and large forests, botanical reserves and relic pine forests, Shalkar Lake and natural zones of Imantau. Hundreds archaeological, historical and architectural monuments are under state protection. The most interesting archaeological objects are located in the floodplains of the Ishim, Chaglinka and Iman-Burluk rivers. For example, the unique historical monument of an era Eneolita is located in Botaj district, and also an archaeological monument of the Iron Age – a site of ancient settlement of "Ak Iry".
There is a Chain of big hollows of salt Lakes: Kalibek, Ulkenkaroy, Teke and Seletyteniz in the north-eastern part of the region. There are also lakes known for the mineral salts, healing waters and peloids in the region. One of such unique reservoirs is Majbalyk Lake
The position of Northern Kazakhstan in the heart of the biggest continent causes its sharply continental climate, the characteristic features of which are a long cold winter with strong winds and snow storms and a short, but hot summer.
Various ecosystems define the variety of animal species. There are up to 160 kinds of mammals and about 200 kinds of birds.
Economic stability of the area is defined by manufacture of the grain which is the main export goods of the region.
The relative amount of the region in total gross domestic product of the country’s agriculture is more than 14%. Agriculture sector makes 31% of GDP in the regional structure of economy.
North Kazakhstan region takes 4% of the republic farmlands and produces a quarter of the republic grain production. It produces 17% of potato, 6% of meat, 11% of milk and 8, 8% of eggs in the country.

During the last years sown areas of grain crops were stabilized and made 3,7 million hectare. Total manufacture of grain were 3124 thousand tons in 2004, 3970 thousand tons in 2005, 5197 thousand tons in 2006, 5678 thousand tons in 2007 and 5018 thousand tons in 2008.
The industrial branch of economy of the region, possessing in high industrial and personnel potential, is presented by a wide spectrum of activity. More than 900 enterprises and manufactures are occupied by industrial production. 15 large and 49 average enterprises work in the industry, by which 68 % of an industrial output of not financial sector is produced. The industry share in a regional GDP is 9-10 %. An industry share in republican GDP is 0, 8 %.
An extent of a road network of common use in the North Kazakhstan area makes 9002,9 km, including: republican value – 1468 km, oblast value – 2432 km, regional value – 5102,9 km.

The mineral base of the North Kazakhstan region.

Almost all kinds of minerals are revealed and studied in region. 286 deposits are explored. Among them 34-metal, 2-nonmetal, 217-building and technological raw materials and 33-underground waters, 6 of them are mineral.
The area territory is a part of North Kazakhstan uran-ore, diamond and tin-bearing rare-metal province. Considerable stocks of mineral raw materials are revealed on it. It represents 65 % of tin, 36, 6% of zirconium, 19% of uranium, 5% of titan and 1, 1% of tungsten obtaining in the republic.
The prospects of mineral base expansion, especially in the south-west area are rather considerable. There is a number of significant deposits of gold, silver, technical and jeweler diamonds, tin, titanium, non-ferrous.

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