Types of tourism


There are 16 specially protected natural zones and over 3 000 lakes on the territory of the region. As on object of display of an animals inhabitancy of the forest-steppe Sogrovsky zone, Mamljutsky reserves and «Red pine forest» reserve can be presented for tourists. Elks, roes, wild boars, raccoon dogs, foxes, badgers, hares, squirrels are found there in a considerable quantity.
Swans and pelicans nest there during the summer period. Rare orchid species grow in this area.
The local tourist communities are created in Ajyrtausky reserve (Ayyrtau Village, Imantau Village). The population of the above-named villages is involved in tourist business sphere; residing, food and excursion service are rendered by them.


 Archaeological monuments of Botaj, Bekteniz, Ak-Iry, memorial complex of Karasaj and Agyntaj batyrs, "Ajgonym" memorial estate, such memorial museums as: the Museum of the scientist-researcher S.Ualihanov, the museums of the writers I.Shuhova, S.Mukanov, G.Musrepov, M.Zhumabaev, the museum of the cosmonaut A.Viktorenko and Kozhabergen Zhurau memorial.


Sports tourism is presented in the region by The Federation of Sports tourism, «The Republic of Kazakhstan Federation of mountaineering and rock-climbing» association branch, The Federation of sports orientation, "Planet" tourist centre, “Sportlandia” tourist centre and "Oriyentir" student's tourist centre.
There are all conditions for the development of sports fishing in the region. More than 250 reservoirs are transferred in a long-term rent for the realisation of commodity cultivation of valuable kinds of fish. In Big Tarangul Lake it is delivered a grass carp and a silver carp young fish. A carp, a tench, a burbot and a crucian are reared in many lakes; the first steps on the lakes fish stocking by sazan larvas are undertaken (an uterine livestock of a sazan was delivered in Petropavlovsk fish hatchery and 583 thousand larvas were received by a factory method for fish stocking of the region lakes.)

The deposits of fresh and technical water and mineral sources deposits are revealed on the territory of the North Kazakhstan region. The "Asanovsky" deposit of mineral water is being maintained this time. The therapeutic muds were revealed on Stankovskoye and Presnoye lakes.
The Stanovskoye Lake is 55 km from the West of Petropavlovsk and 17 km from the south of Mamljutka Station. The reservoir is 7.7 km. long and 2.5 km. wide. The dirt from this lake has been tested in the 1930-s by the scientific employee of Omsk Institute, Uspensky. On his opinion, the mineralized water and the dirt of the lake represent a balneologic value. Presnoye Lake is 60 km. from Petuhovo Station and 2 km. from Presnovskaya Station. It is 1.5 km. long and 3 km. wide. The water of the lake is sharply-salt, the dirt is black and plastic. The healing qualities of the dirt has been checked up in the 1930-s by doctor Brjakin on a small amount of patients (the dirt was heated up by solar beams) and showed a good medical effect. 

Owing to the geographical position of the region, the trade and economic partnership with the Russian Federation is well developed, thus its basic share is occupied with cooperation with frontier areas — Omsk, Tyumen and Kurgan with which the cooperation agreements in various spheres of economy are concluded.
The actions aimed on frontier cooperation in various spheres of social and economic activity (culture, public health services, law and order) are regularly carried out.

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