Is located in the Pavlodar area of Republic of Kazakhstan. The largest coal deposit of Kazakhstan. Áëèç of pool pass a railway highway Ïàâëîäàð - Àñòàíà, channel Èðòûø-Karaganda and motorway Ïàâëîäàð - Karaganda. Is dated to closed êîòëîâèíå by the area 155 êì2 at length of 24 kms and maximal width of 8,5 kms. General(common) geological stocks óãëåé about 10 ìëðä ò. The centre of production - city Ýêèáàñòóç.Ekibastuz was formed in 1898. In June, 12, 1957 Ekibastuz received the status of the city of regional importance. Territory of the region - 18,9 th. km2. Total population in the region for January, 1, 2009 - 143897 people, including:
- city - 134546 people
- rural - 9351 people, including
- youth - 40889 people
     Population density of the region 7,5 people for 1 m2. Representatives of over 80 nationalities live in Ekibastuz.
Education. 49 schools, including rural - 23 work in Ekibastuz - 18780 pupils, Children's preschool institutions – 22 – 4833 children, Institutions of additional education - 3: Art and musical schools, Center of children’s and youth’s creativity "Kainar" - 20030 pupils. 2 vocational schools - 1124 pupils, 6 technical schools - 3290 pupils, 1 university - 608 students.
     Public health. 37 medical facilities work in Ekibastuz region. 16 medical organizations, including 7 sanatoria - in the government sector. 21 organizations, from them - 7 hospitals – in the non-governmental sector. 6 city hospitals render first medical assistance including in Solnechny, Akkol and Tortuy villages. The city blood center, emergency center, branch of the regional AIDS - center, Center of healthy-life style, TB, narcological, dermatovenerologic dispensaries and mental hospital work as well.
     Culture. Institutions of culture - 20, Collectives of amateur performances - 68. 3 collectives have the title “perfect”, 1 collective – “national”. The house of friendship unites 10 ethno - cultural associations. The city local history museum has 10 exposition halls. In funds of the museum - 28135 exhibits. The centralized library system includes 26 libraries, among them-12 rural. The book fund makes 348581 copies.
     Sports. The system of sports institutions work in the region: 5 children - youthful sports schools, 4700 people go there; 211 athletic facilities, including the stadium "Miner", 5 swimming pools, 61 gyms and a hippodrome; Over 26600 people are going in for sports in 103 collectives of physical training of enterprises and organizations of the city. For years of sport development in Ekibastuz 20 masters of sports of international class, over 50 masters of sports RK were trained.
     Coal industry. Ekibastuz coal field – the largest in the world. LP «Bogatyr Access Komir» - Kazakhstan coal enterprise. Over 7,5 thousand people of 51 nationalities work there. Producing capacity - 42 million tons of coal per year. Consumers of coal are power systems RK and Russian Federation. The international quality standards are introduced in LP «Bogatyr Аccess Komir».
     Open-pit mine “Vostochny” of JSC “Eurasian energy corporation” has production capacity - 22,5 million tons of coal a year, - 24mln. m3 of overburden per year. Industrial reserve of coal - 1,3 bln. tons, depth of the open-pit mine - 175 m. Total bucket capacity: On overburden - 139 m3. On dump - 108,5 m3. Number of workers - over 2960 people. LP "Promservice-Otan"
     Basic activity - transportation of cargoes by rail transport and passengers - motor transport. Volume of coal transportation annually makes over 62,7 million tons Volume of cargo transportation makes 10287,9 million tonne-kilometers. LP "Promservice-Otan" offers the services to LP “BAK”, JSC “Eurasian energy corporation”, LP “Maikuben-West”, LP “АЕS Ekibastuz”
    Energy. Ekibastuz power plants, connected with each other with the National electric network - a basis of electric power engineering of Kazakhstan. LP «АЕS Ekibastuz» - station HEPS-1 was put into operation in 12.04.80. It produces electricity, share of the produced electricity in Kazakhstan makes 12%. Condensing electric power - 4000 МW. Available power of the station - 1800 МW. Power generation - 1866650 KW. Selling of electricity - 1741944 KW. Fuel rate for selling - 427,47G/KW.
JSC «Ekibastuz station HEPS-2» - one of the most modern and dynamically developing stations in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Installed capacity of the station - 1000 МW.
     With a view of realization of the Republican Program of development of energy industry till 2015 technical and economic assessment of construction of the third and fourth power units was executed. Total investments of the program - 12 bl. tenge
     Agriculture. Ekibastuz rural region includes 10 rural districts, 2 settlements, 2 villages with 21274 people. Important kinds of agriculture – livestock and crop sectors. 196 farms and 17 limited partnerships are engaged in production of agricultural production.
     Number of workers involved in small and medium business - 14643 people. Structure of small business: 2,5 % - industry, 39,6 % - commerce, 2,6 % - agriculture, 24,6 % - construction, 7,9 % - transport and communication, 24,6 % - others (education, medicine, security services, general services). LP «Techcenter Аvers» (sale of electronics), LP «M-V Company», firm "Daria" (commercial activity) and etc. develop actively in field of small business. Among enterprises of medium business - LP "Gran", LP "Remstroi", LP "Naryk", LP "MNU", LP "Таmyr”, LP "Vershina".


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