Pavlodar city is ancient city was appeared in the beginning 18 centuries as one of the advanced posts of Irtysh of a military line.
     The national legends informed us that before XVIII century on the place where Pavlodar city is located the nomadic generations including for Kazakh people established the yurts in the summer time. But the yurt, s settlement had not the name and they were not on the map. Probably, so the landscape looked, when in 1720 on a place modern Pavlodar kaxaki have based an advanced post Koryakowsk as one of parts of a line. " … This advanced post all other on Irtysh is more multicrowded, has best there structure. High and open there steppe, on which the advanced post lays, the valley with pleasant islands, taking place on the river, gives to his rule still large pleasantly … ", - the traveller P.S. Pallas in 1770 years.
     In 1861 under the initiative of local merchants stanica is erected in a rank of city, to which the name Pavlodar is appropriated in honour of newborn prince Pavel. Convenient site of city, presence of quay, industrial production salt - all this has resulted in fast growth of city. The large development was got with trade with steppe. The merchants, occupied the city, was given to it with new shape, has appeared much rich of wooden houses, churches, mosque. These buildings till now decorate an old part of city Pavlodar.
     Approximately in 100 years after reception of the status of city within development of a virgin soil Pavlodar has gone through the fastest development. The transformation of city into an industrial centre is connected to construction in Pavlodar of a Tractor and Aluminium factory. Today Pavlodar is the centre of the Pavlodar area, one of the basic industrial centres of Kazakhstan.
      To the beginning 20 centuries Pavlodar became one of the biggest cities on Irtysh. Pavlodar is modern industrial and cultural city. Аre the oldest houses in Siberian “merchant” style neighborhood with modern buildings. Modern Pavlodar was stretched during 16 kms, on a coast Irtysh, which forms western border of city and defines his character. The green quay Irtysh involves the inhabitants and visitors of city. If from here to look at west, as far as the eye only steppe, infinite sky and Irtysh with abrupt wild slopes suffices.
     Pavlodar is one of the largest industrial centres of Kazakhstan: here there are enterprises with a various branch orientation, processing of petroleum, mechanical engineering, construction, power, chemical industry and metallurgy. Besides about аbout 7000 enterprises of small and average business make foodstuff and consumer goods. Since 2003 the cargo shipping company on Irtysh is renewed. In spite of the fact that in Pavlodar there are no representations of the international companies many from the Pavlodar firms have long-term of the attitude with the enterprises of Germany. For example, Aluminium factory or joint-stock company "Dew".


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