How to get to Bayanaul

Bayanaul, with its landscapes of inimitable beauty and vast recreational resources, welcomes tourists, who can choose one of the following ways to get there:

From Astana
The distance from Astana to Bayanaul is about 450 km. In order to get to Bayanaul from Astana, you need to change a transport either in Pavlodar or Ekibastuz. These towns are easily reached from Astana by train or by bus. Also a flight can be taken to Pavlodar. Further, in order to get from Ekibastuz or Pavlodar to Bayanaul, one can take a regular bus to Bayanaul or a taxi.

From Almaty
A flight can be taken from Almaty to Pavlodar or Karagandy. Further, a regular bus or a taxi can be chosen to get to Bayanaul.

On a train
There is no railway station in Bayanaul. If you decided to travel to Bayanaul on a train, tickets should be bought to Pavlodar, Ekibastuz or Karaganda Railway Stations. Then you can take a bus or a taxi to get from these towns to Bayanaul. A distance between Pavlodar and Bayanaul is 220 km, between Ekibastuz and Bayanaul is about 100 km, and between Karaganda and Bayanaul is 195 km.
Train tickets are available at website.

On a bus
In order to get to Bayanaul on a bus, you will need to buy a ticket to Pavlodar, Ekibastuz or Karaganda, and then change a bus to Bayanaul or take a taxi. Bus schedules are available from Bus stations enquiry offices.

On a car
If you decided to travel to Bayanaul on a car, you might need a map of automobile routes of Pavlodar region.


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