The general information on the Pavlodar area

           The Pavlodar oblast - large industrial centre in Kazakhstan representing diversified industrial complex focused on manufacture of electrical and fuel energy, production of oil processing, mechanical engineering, easy and food-processing industry, building materials. The largest representatives metallurgical industry are joint-stock company "Aluminium of Kazakhstan", joint-stock company "Kazakhstan electrolises a factory" Aksu factory ferrosplav - branch of joint-stock company "Kazhrom". The mining industry is submitted such large enterprises as: "Bogatyr Аксес Комир", "Maicuben Вест". In oblast one of the large enterprises in Republic on manufacture of petroleum - joint-stock company "the Pavlodar petrochemical factory" works.
              The most part of area is within the limits of the south of the West-Siberian plain being greatest plain of globe. The relief of a southwest part of region is very interesting. Among painted in the yellow - brown colour half desert of steppe and melcosopohnic, with poor vegetation can you see a small mountain-wood oasis. It also is one of painting comer of Kazakhstan, one of the best places of rest and tourist campaigns, travels to a fairy tale.
             In structure of area three cities: Pavlodar, Ekibastuz, Аksu, four settlements and ten village areas. The centre of area - city Pavlodar, is one of oldest and most beautiful cities of Republic located on a coast Irtysh - the largest river in Kazakhstan. With the poets it(he) admires the visitors by the wide prospectuses and streets, shady parks and avenues, flower beds and fountains, here is clean, light and is cosy at any time of year.
            Pavlodar - recognized centre of culture and art of northern Kazakhstan. Pavlodar people sacred preserve monuments of history and cultures of the people. The museums, exhibition, presentation of cultural achievement here are very popular and are visited. The city has a rich history and old cultural traditions. Pavlodar Prirtyshye is Native land of the known figures of a science, culture and art. Kanysh Satpaew, Grigory Potanin, Alkei Margulan, Sultanmahmut Toraigyrow, Shapyk Shokin, Ghumat Shanin, Maschur Ghusup Kopeew, Dihan Abilew, Shaken Aimanow, Gharylgapberdy, Ghayau Musa, Isa Baysakow, Sabit Donentaew, P. Wasiliew and others, glorified not only our area, but also Republic were born here. White stone the strip lengthways Irtysh stretched this benevolent and hospitable city.
             The city Ekibastuz on June 12, 2007 has noted the fifty years' anniversary. The history and occurrence of city is indissolubly connected to development Ekibastuz of a deposit stone comer. In 1954 the operation of the first coal cut began. In 1957 on a card of Kazakhstan the new city - Ekibastuz has appeared. Now population of city and village zone is made of 140 thousand people. One higher educational institution, general educational, five children’s sports, one art and one musical school, more 28 children's gardens, 40 medical establishments work in city. The central urban library, House of Friendship, in which function 10 etnoculture of the centres, urban museum, Central urban of culture "Oner", urban park of culture and rest "Miner" concern to cultural - educational objects.
            City Аksu (to 1993 - Ermak) - city in the Pavlodar oblast in 50 km to the south from Pavlodar on the left coast Irtysh. The territory of city and its village region borders with Aktogai oblast in north, with Bayanaul, May, Lebiage - in the south, with Pavlodar - in west, with a village zone of city Ekibastuz - in east.
            The history of city is indissolubly connected to opening of deposits stone coal in area Ekibastuz. In 1897 from Ekibastuz the construction 109-werst of a railway way began. Sunday the railway passed on territory of the future city. On a place of contact of a road with Irtysh the quay has appeared, two settlements began to develop: administrative and worker. In 1914 the plan of a new settlement Ermak was authorized. On May 4, 1993 the city Еrmаk is renamed into city Аksu. In some years by the decision chief of area from July 9, 1997 the territory abolished Аksu of area is included in borders of city Аksu as a village zone - village districts and settlement    Каlkaman are handed to administrative submission of city Аksu.
              Modern Аksu is an industrial, agricultural city in the Pavlodar oblast. The population of city are about 70 000 people, of them the village inhabitants more than 29 000 people.
             The industrial infrastructure of city is represented two hailstones forming of the enterprise: Аksu factory of ferrosplawof and electrical station the Euroasian power corporation. Power of city from a beginning of 2001 is produced of 5.580.7 millions kilowatt-hour of the electric power and 612.0 gekocalories of a thermal energy. The construction of industrial objects of a factory ferrosplawof began from 1962. In January, 1968 at a factory first ton ferrosplawof was sucelted, and in July, 1970 the start 8 of furnaces of shop № 2 was finished. In 1995 the enterprise was included in structure Transnational of the company Kazhrom.
           Major strategic object of city is the channel Irtysh-Karaganda of a name K.Satpaew. The channel Irtysh-Karaganda is basic supplier of drinking water in central and northern parts of Kazakhstan. The village region of city Аksu consists of 1 settlement, 3 villages and 11 village districts. Agricultural specialization of village region of city Аksu: meat - dairy animal industries, vegetable - potatoes drive, bird drive.

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