Arheology of research specify that in Priirtyshye still in up to history times lived numerous pleme. The traces of parking of the ancient man are found in Bayanaul area, on a coast Irtysh. The stone instruments, silicon tips and copies are found. Passed one thousand years, the cultures various pleme, living in Priirtyshye varied. Here move kimak, usun, каngl, naiman.
          The primogenitor Pavlodar - post advanced post Koryakowsk, has arisen on a coast Irtyshe in far 1720 nearby to Jamyshew of a fortress as one of parts thousand Irtysh strong of a line. In 1861 station Koryakowsk has received the status of city and is renamed into city Pavlodar. The Pavlodar area was formed on January 15, 1938.
          The purpose of research of Siberia and territory of region was search of gold and ore of deposits, opening and study of trade ways in India and China, development of territories on Irtysh, and also safety of transportation of salt with Jamyshew of lake. The first fortress on Irtysh became a Omsk fortress, then were constructed Zelezinsk, Semipalatinsk and Ust-Kamenogorsk of a fortress, and in the period between 1720 and 1740 for maintenance of communication(connection) between fortresses more than 30 strengthenings were constructed: advanced posts, редутов, beacons, protection, post court yard. An administrative centre her became Jamyshew a fortress. And only Omsk, Semipalatinsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk of a fortress and Koryakowsk an advanced post have grown in large economic and administrative centres.
          From middle ХIХ of century in Siberia began to move the peasants from central It is not enough grounds guberni of Russia. Began to develop agriculture, the urban population was increased, the trade grew. 
          Koryakowsk kupechest could not conduct commercial operations in frameworks kazachi station any more, as there were no banks, telegraph, notarial offices. Translation station in a rank of city needed the certain quantity (amount) of inhabited constructions and inhabitants. The petitions of merchants for giving station of the status of city deviated. But the way was found. At Aleksandra II in 1860 the son Pawel was born. Was decided (solved) to ask high imperial in honour of such event to present Koriakow a name of the imperial son.
          In 1868 Pavlodar became district city. In the beginning of 1901 in Pavlodar more than thousand houses two churches, mehcet was totaled. Closer to the centre have grown kupechesk trade numbers. In new kind construction the mail-telegraphic office, Pavlodar branch of the Russian-Asian bank, exchequer, notarial office" of the Russian insurance and transportation", two warehouses of agricultural instruments and machines was placed.
          The fire of 1901 has destroyed two thirds of city. After him Pavlodar was the waste ground which has been filled up with the rests at home. But it not only has built up, but also has grown. Pavlodar got meaning (importance) of large shopping center on Irtyshe. The merchants grew rich on favourable sale and purchase of products of cattle breeding and so-called kolonial of the goods. The agriculture also brought the large grain surpluses, which went on sale.
          Irtysh had huge meaning for development Pavlodar. One of the largest quayes here has grown: a convenient place for winter of courts, good moorings, deep channel. On quay the numerous warehouse premises for the goods were constructed. Here there was a loading and unloading of courts.
          In 1938 the Pavlodar area, in structure 10 areas with the centre in city Pavlodar was formed.
In 1940 in city there were already 85 industrial enterprises. The population made of 28 thousand the man. City Green and boon the device. Lenin park, the urban garden of a name 25-years komsomol … Has entered in build a waterpipe. Four schools, bank, urban banya, children's garden and day nursery, inhabited quarter milk canned food of a factory etc are constructed.
          Pavlodar of the beginnings to turn to the large cultural centre. Radio fixing of an apartment, the theatres and red corner, circles of amateur performance work.
By 1940 in Pavlodar 15 comprehensive schools, including Kazakh work already. In city there were also 5 special educational institutions: milk - industrial and animals the veterinary technical schools, medical and interstate-farm school, pedagogical school. Worked regional, urban and children of library.
Within Great domestic war Pavlodar, as well as all cities of the Soviet Union decided questions of mobilization, increase of output of a local industry, rendering assistance to families soldier and evacuated, also placed with itself evacuated in Pavlodar the industrial enterprises.
          In 1942 on the basis of the lityi-mechanical factory, evacuated from Krasnodar, the factory "October" was created. About 10 thousand soldier- pavlodares are awarded with awards both medals for hero and courage at the front. Nineteen of them the rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union is appropriated. In city centre is established Оbelisk of Glory, burns eternal fire in honour soldier - pavlodares. The ambassador war years were marked by prompt growth of industrial manufacture, building industry, rough development of power. Today Pavlodar - large industrial centre of Kazakhstan, the main branches of which economy are colour metallurgy, petrochemistry, mechanical engineering, Building industry and power.
          In Pavlodar more than 4800 enterprises of various patterns of ownership work. The enterprises let out about 250 kinds of production: petrol, diesel engine fuel, chemistry the equipment, cardboard, rubber products, ceramics, furniture, silikate a brick, saw-timbers, keramzit, modular ferro-concrete designs, medical syringes and much another. It is impossible to present city without the Pavlodar port. The freight traffic, river shipping company has, as before, huge meaning for development of city.
Pavlodar - scientific, educational and cultural centre of republic. The youth of city has an opportunity to receive maximum formation in two higher educational institutions of city - Pavlodar state university by him. S.Toraigyrow (PGU) and Innowation the Euroasian University (InEU), branches of the Kazakhstan and Russian HIGH SCHOOLS working in Pavlodar, average special formation in 9 colleges.
          For children the doors 49 general educational and about 20 special schools are open. To services Pavlodar piple 14 libraries. Pavlodar has a rich history and old cultural traditions. Hall and House of culture, leisure the centres, parks, museums, the drama theatres are glad to meet the visitors. In city the favorable conditions for employment by physical culture and sports are created: 628 sports structures, 122 sports halls open game platforms six swimming pools.           

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