Gasybai rest zone - Kempirtas rock, 10 km - town chamber. «Kempirtas rock» -fairy old woman shape.

Gasybai rest zone - Konyr Aulie cave, 12 km - arbour-place. Town chamber. At all times Konur Aulie cave has been considered a sacred place for pilgrimage.

Gasybai rest zone - path botanical, 7 km - arbour-place.

Gasybai rest zone - Golub rock, 10 km - ground inspection.

Gasybai rest zone -«Pisanica rock», 3 km - ground inspection, rock from view

Gasybai rest zone - Ken alan glade, 7,5 km - ground inspection

Gasybai rest zone - Saimantas rock - Konyr Aulie cave, 30 km, ground inspection. When approaching the stairs to Konyr Aulie cave, to the left of it one can see the mount Sleeping Beauty. Saiman means an implement or an instrument which a man uses to create a new product necessary for the existence or a generation development.

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