Geography Pavlodar of area

          The Pavlodar area is located in a northeast part of republic. A relief of territory of area basically flat. Right сoast Irtysh is engaged Barabinscoi in lowland and Kulundinskyi by plain. Left coast is engaged Priirtyshye in plain with absolute heights 100-200 m. The southwest part is engaged finely Saryarka, where the mountains Bayanaul, Akbet (1026 m.), Kyzyltau (1055 m.), Gheltau (959 m.) are allocated. Big sliare territory icy in underground steppe i dark-chestnut soil. In valley Irtish – meadow.
          The Pavlodar oblast is situated the north-east of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It falls within the steppe and semi-desert zones. From the south to the north the territory of the oblast is crossed by the navigable river Irtysh, and from the east to the west-by the South-Siberian trunk-railway. The oblast borders upon the Omsk oblast in the north, the Novosibirsk oblast in the north-east, the Altai region of Russia in the east in the south it borders upon the East – Kazakhstan and Karagandy oblast, and in the west – upon the Akmola and East – Kazakhstan oblasts of the Republic. The territory of the Pavlodar oblast is 124,8 thousand square kilometers.
          The most part of territory lays in a subzone kowyl-tipchk of steppes on dark - chestnut and chestnut ground. In a valley Irtysh - jellied meadows. In mountains Bayanaul grows a pine-birch wood, there are a lot of picturesque lakes (Ghasybai, Toraigyr, Sabyndykol etc.). Is organized Bayanaul National natural park.
          in the depths of there are large deposits stone угля, colour and rare metals cooking salt, building materials.
          The rivers. On territory of area the river Irtysh (about 500 kms proceeds within the limits of area), the channel Irtysh-Karaganda (length of 458 kms is constructed.
          Lakes. In area there are a lot of lakes, basically salty. Largest of them Kyzylkak (area 175 q.кm), Galauly (171 kms), Кarasor (75,5 kms), Маraldy (54,7 kms).
          Climate. A climate sharp - continental. Average temperature of January -17 -190С, July +20 +220С. Annual quantity of deposits of 220-300 mm.

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