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Mangistau region is located in southwestern Kazakhstan, east of the Caspian Sea to the plateau Mangyshlak (Mangystau).
It borders on the north-east of Atyrau and Aktobe region in the south - with Turkmenistan and in the east - with Uzbekistan.
Mangistau region - industrial region is 25% of oil extracted in Kazakhstan. Here is Aktau-Zhetybay-Uzen. Gas extraction in the region carry the company Ozenmunaygaz "," KMG "," Kazpolmunai "," Tolkynneftegas. The oil produced is shipped by pipeline at both the domestic market (Aterausky refinery), and for export (via pipeline Aktau-Samara and the sea through the port of Aktau).

In Mangistau region are "sea gates" Kazakhstan - the city of Aktau, which is also the administrative center of the field.
In the city there is a wide selection of hotels, from three to five stars, including the «Renaissance Aktau», part of the global hotel chain «Marriott» and the hotel "Grand Hotel Victory". Beach season in the city lasted from May to September, the average water temperature is +21 ° C.
Earth Mangistau - is a land of ancient civilization, open-air museum, where 11 thousand historical monuments placed under state protection, a country thousands of rock poems - drawings. Land of unique religious buildings and mosques.
The Great Silk Road took place in ancient times the lands of Mangistau. Along this road stood a fortress, a caravan - barns, settlements of artisans, herders and hunters. Archaeological finds indicate that the region was relatively high standard of living.
Of the corner monuments and treasures of the peninsula called Mangistau

Mangystau is situated in the South-West of Kazakhstan between the only inland sea in the world-the Caspian and great desert that is lower than the sea level. The Northern part of the region is pre-Caspian depression. In the center there is Mangyshlak peninsula and the one of the deepest depression of Karaghie. The South-West plateau Kendirli-Koyassan went down to another gigantic depression Karyn-Zharyk. To the East there is Usturt Plateau. All the great territory of the region – 165.6 thousand square kilometers, is divided by two parallel ridges Aktau and Karatau.
The climate of Mangystau is highly continental, dry. Average January temperature is 4/9 C. The annual precipitation – 150 mm the most part of the territory is warm wood alkali soil desert with parts of bush vegetation. There are also islands of greenery- oasis in the desert that give coolness and a rest for a tired traveler.

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