How to get to Baikonur

Baikonur is the first and the biggest spaceport in the world, which attracts many tourists every year. If you decided to travel to Baikonur, you might need the following information:

From Astana
In order to get from Astana to Baikonur using airline services, first you need to take a flight to Kyzylorda, the nearest city to Baikonur. Further, trains or buses can be used to get to Baikonur.
The nearest Railway Station to Baikonur is Turetam. Astana-Turetam trains might be taken as well, though with a change in Kyzylorda, to get from Astana to Baikonur. However, it should be noted, that travelling from Astana to Baikonur on a train usually takes more than 24 hours.

From Almaty
From Almaty to Baikonur, one can get also through Kyzylorda using airline services and further, as described above, trains or buses can be taken to get to Baikonur.
Alternatively, tickets to direct trains from Almaty to Turetam station can be bought to travel to Baikonur; however it should be noted that duration of such a trip is usually more than 24 hours.

On a plane
There is a direct flight from Moscow (Russia) to Baikonur (Domodedovo Airport – Krainiy Airport) three times a week. Also in order to get to Baikonur on a plane, flights to Kyzylorda can be bought, and further buses or trains can be taken as described above.

On a train
In order to get to Baikonur on a train, one should chose Turetam Station as a final destination. Train changes might be needed. Train tickets are available at website.

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