The territory of the city is 2,4 thousand sq. m.


Population is 200.9 thousand people.

In 1818 was founded the fortress Akmechet by Kokand Khanate after the conquest of the shores of the lower flows of Syrdarya River to Karmakchi. The fortress was built by more than 10 thousand Kazakhs from surrounding villages. It is based on the nodal point of the caravan road from Bukhara and Khiva in central and northern Kazakhstan and from East to West. In 1853 Kokand fortress Akmechet was conquered by the Orenburg governor-general V.A. Perovsky. The fortress was renamed by the Decree of the King on August 31 the same year in Fort Perovski. In 1867, due to creation of Turkenstan General Government was created Syrdarya region consisting of five counties. Centre of Perovski County became Perovski fort, which became the city Perovsk. In 1901, was started the construction of Orenburg-Tashkent railway, that passed through Perovsk, which led to a sharp increase in the number of the population of the city. Construction of the railway was finished in 1906. The locomotive and wagon depots, servicing the railroad industry appeared. After the construction of the railroad city's population had increased to 8328 people. In 1922 the city Perovsk was renamed Akmechet. On April 17, 1925 at the V Congress of Soviets of the Kirghiz SSR Akmechet city became capital of the Republic and was renamed Kyzyl-Orda. At the same congress, the people got their historical name of "Kazakh", and the Republic - The Kazakh SSR. The population of the city was 22,577 people. Since 1931 Kyzylorda was the district center, and from 15 January 1938 is the regional center. In 1940, started the construction of Kyzylorda dam, which was completed in 1958. In 1958-1959 was completed construction of a shoe factory. In 1964 CHP-6 began its work. It emerged on the basis of two power stations, which worked in 1958-1962. In 1963 began the construction of meat processing plant, completed in 1966. In 1974, on the basis of machine-testing station was set up factory “Kyzylordarismash”.


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