Kyzylorda region

Kyzylorda region is situated in the zone of sharp-continental climate. The number of sunny days in the year is more than 300. 

The most favorable time to visit the area - September. Summer heat subsides and the autumn cold had not yet come. 

The landscape of Kyzylorda region is diverse and offers unforgettable experience, the main one is Syrdaria -  wild, giving birth to all living in this region river. 

In the south there is a mountain range of Karatau. There are springs with the crystal clear water and amazing taste in the small valleys. The green carpet of grass invites you to relax after a long and hard journey. 

South-east region breathes with heat from Kyzylkum desert. Searing heat, singing dunes, quicksands, a monotonous landscape of the desert are fascinating and stay in your memory for a lifetime. In the north - the Aral Sea with its turquoise water and sandy beaches. The reeds of National Nature Reserve Barsa - Kelmes conceal from view nesting of birds and herds of rare species of the steppe animals. From time to time the waves of the sea slightly open secret history of the Middle Ages, introducing gaze ruins of ancient buildings. 

Here you can see the fishing of flounder, small fishing boats and try the dishes of freshly caught fish. 

The unique attraction of the landscape of Kyzylorda region - is steppe - space, striated with thousands of threads of ancient caravan trails, where the view dissolves into the horizon from east to west and from north to south. 

Population of Kyzylorda region belongs to various ethnic groups. The overwhelming majority - Kazakhs, then Koreans, Russian, Tatars, Ukrainians, Jews, representatives of the Caucasian peoples: Chechens, Ingush, Armenians. The urban population is more than rural. Farmers are busy, mainly with livestock, growing of rice, fruits and vegetables. It is in the countryside preserved many folk customs, traditions and ceremonies. 

Syrdarya - the ancient cradle of the modern inhabitants of Kyzylorda region and till this day they say about it with reverence: Syr eli, Motherland. 

There are many monuments preserved, most of whom were bright jewels on the thread of the Great Silk Road. Ruins of cities such as Jend, Sauran, Yangikent amaze the imagination even nowadays. 

Jend: in the tenth century the city belonged to the Turks - Oguz. Since XI century until the Mongol invasion Jend was significant city on the banks of the Syrdarya. Here lived well-known figures of the Muslim world. 

According to the medieval opus of Jihan Nam, in the XII century, the Aral Sea was called Jend Sea. 

Yangikent: first mention of the city with the same name found in written sources of the tenth century. In Arabic: Al-Karyat al-Hadith, in Persian: Dih-i nau. In the X-XII centuries the city was the headquarters of Oguz rulers. 

Sauran: the first documents about Sauran were found in the historical writings of the tenth century. At that time Sauran was known as an important strategic and trading centre on the shores of the Syrdarya. In the middle of the XIII century Sauran was the capital of the Ak Orda (White Horde). At the beginning of XIV century the town was captured by troops of Timur. According to the researches Sauran existed in VII-XVIII centuries. 

Kyzylorda region is the motherland of especially honored in all Turkic world, ancient thinker, musician and humanist Korkyt Ata. 

There are many cemeteries with mausoleums - monuments to the heroes, sages, poets and philosophers of the Kazakh people. All of them date from the Middle Ages. 

Kyzylorda region embraced the spiritual and material embodiment of space - Korkyt Ata - the symbol of search for eternal truths and Baikonur Cosmodrome - the symbol of the achievements of technical ideas of humanity, undoubtedly will be interesting for tourists. 

In the regional museum of Kyzylorda You will hear fascinating stories about the history of the region, its traditions and crafts, art and nature. Here, in the museum, you can buy national souvenirs. 

All the unique flavor of oriental bazaar, with its noise, diversity of colours and exotic goods, expressive east trade, can be estimated by visiting one of the two major markets in the city of Kyzylorda, or in any other major towns in the area. 

Horses, experienced instructors and excellent cross-country skiing areas - at your services at the Kyzylorda city racetrack. 

Among the city landscape sightseeings the irrigation ditch Sarkyrama is very interesting. Currently, much renovated, it continues to give citizens the coolness in summer heat


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