Zerenda is a charming world of forests, lakes, picturesque ravines, rocks, canyons and springs. The world that attracts tourists from different parts of the planet, the people who like to enjoy quiet woods, sweet fragrance of grass and to admire chamomile and bluebell meadows and shady birch woods. The air in pine woods is ozone-rich, clear and saturated with fragrance of them. The land is mapped out with tourist’s routes: forest paths, auto roads, horse ways and bike ways. Excellent ski-tracks are laid here. Forests, full of game, lakes, replete with fish, succulent pastures attracted man here from time immemorial.In summer the sunshine is streaming deep into forests. There you can hear the laughter and voices of people who came to enjoy the bounty of nature: mushrooms, cherry, stone bramble, dogrose, strawberry. In the lakes there are plenty of pikes, carps, crucian carps, perches and roaches.

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