Beautiful and rich Akmola region, an ancient land of an ancient people. Like a fairy eagle, that has widely spread its wings for the flight, it stretches itself in the north of the republic. Fruitful soils, numerous rivers and lakes, vast pastures, rich metal deposits, generous gifts of the woods, abundance of game-animals and fish have attracted people here from times immemorial. Lakes, rivers, and streams make the region unique. Borovoe, Schuchie, Big and Small Chebachie, Zerenda and hundreds of other like huge pearls decorating the region’s necklace. The summer makes much pleasure to holidaymakers. But quiet wistful autumn is fine as well. Gold birch groves and vermillion aspen trees change for evergreen pine woods and spruce groves. The scent of senescent grass mixes with mushroom spice. About one hundred mushroom species grow in Borovoye. Mushrooming is very exciting and useful for good mood. There exists some mysterious, attracting power in granite sculptures created by the Mother Nature itself. Having stepped aside just a little bit and giving way to your imagination, you will see the stones «coming into life». Borovoye has no material culture monuments. But the combination of magnificent mountains, blue lakes, pine woods and larch forests created unique beautiful landscapes of nature. The waves of an ancient vast sea beat the shore of the lake a long time ago. At the end of drift epoch the sea was swept away, and the landscape assumed modern mountainous shape. The sun, the wind and rains formed cavities, caves, and holes in the rocks, making them fantastically shaped and scenic.

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