Under the sign of Indepence

         Soaring eagle - the symbol of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, under the sign of the Day of Independence of our country, a remarkably beautiful tract near Kokshetau city of Akmola region in the hills Bukpa was annually held the Open Championship of the Republic with hunting birds "Kansonar." To the great delight and admiration of the guests and participants the land of Kokshetau met them with a dazzling bright sun in the winter holiday decoration, fresh snow and crisp frost.
Great whales – golden eagle and hawk hunters arrived to Kokshetau for taking part in the Championship from Akmola, Karaganda, Pavlodar regions and from Astana. The whales at stalker birds hunting coming for their main competitive forum proudly listened to the solemn opening under the hymn of Kazakhstan. The Championship consisted of three selective stages in which the proficients demonstrated their feathery’s in skills of seeking bags from bird’s eye view and “off like a shot” gained the target – first a drag, then soared highly in the sky for catching an escaping bag – tripping hares and cute bushy foxes. It was necessary to mention about the peculiar difficulties of all the stages of the competition, which gave the possibility to choose the strongest birds for hunting actually rather a big and furious beasts of prey such as a wolf. It was incredible admiration among the numerous observers and funs provoked high golden eagles flights and their impetuous falls on the bag-targets and their flights to the masters. It was important to recognize that among the bags you could see prompt hares and big foxes, which could escape from fatal claws of stalkers and ran away into the forest. Here were the champions of the hunting competition: burkutchies - Faizulla Berkutbai from Almaty region, Umutkhan TAstambek and Abylaikhan Zbasov from Akmola region, Serik Abdrazakov from Karaganda and Imanzaip TAsybayev form Pavlodar regions, and many others.

But no less risky and unforgettable was the competition of whales at hawk hunting, which was also the point of infinite admiration among numerous spectators and funs. Together with famous and skilful proficients young berkutchies such as Seitzhan Almaz, Aben Abzal and Bayetbai Sagynysh form Almaty region demonstrated a high mastery of their stalkers, which during the flight tapped the bag like a flash. At the ceremony of awarding the right to open it was given to the honored guest – the nephew of a legendary berkutchi-hunter incumbent of a glamorous title “recipient of hunting skills of USSR” Massip Batyrkhan-uly, who told about his grandfather Mussip who in 30-40-s of the last century was a famous berkutchi-hunter, took part in All-Union competitions among the hunters, won and was awarded by honorable diplomas valued at those years. During the World War he seeing off his sons to the front he himself gained the victory over the fascists by hunting not far from his aul (village) Botay, selling the furs to Moscow he helped the front with arms and weapons. Massip Batyrkhanov was awarded with the golden medal by the General Presidium of Supreme Soviet on 6, June, 1945 e. “For selfless and brave labour duting the Second World War 1941-1945”. Massip’s nephew Shinarbek Berkutbay-uly taking part in reckoning up awarded the established by Massip’s son Berkutbay a special diploma and prize of his legendary grandfather to young and notable berkutchi-hunters from different regions of Kazakhstan. During the last years ther winners of that unique diploma under the name of Massip Batyrkhan-uky were young berkutchies form Karaganda region – the only girl Makpal Abdrazakova, Bauyrzhan Sherniyaz form Zhambyl, Kanat Shukenbayev and Denis Sheer from Akmola region, Erkebulan Takhtybayev from Astana and many others.
The official arbiters of Kazakhstan Championship of stalkers’s hunters were: the chief arbitrator of the Championship, state coach of national sport games of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ramazan Gainullaevich Sattybayev, director of Akmola Children Youth Sport School Marat Koishyn nad others. The Title of Champion and a Golden Medal was awarded to Toktybai Kuntugan from Astana, a silver medal and costly prize was presented Kuntugan Serikbek form Astana, the incumbent of bronze medal of the Championship was Serik Abdrazakov form Karagande region.



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