Korgaldgynskiy State Natural Reserve

Korgaldgynskiy State Reserve is situated at a distance of 130 kilometers to the south-west from Astana city. The Reserve objective is to protect the natural complex and public awareness raising on nature conservation. The Reserve is located in Tengiz-Korgaldgynskiy valley and occupies 259.9 thousand hectares, 198 of which is water area. In broad outline the area contains Tengiz and Korgalzhyn large lakes, the remainders of an ancient sea, which once was the heart of the valley. Together with the other smaller lakes they form a unique wetland site. Tengiz Lake is 85 kilometers long, 35 kilometers wide, one can't make out the opposite side examining it through a high power binoculars. "Tengiz" is translated into Kazakh as "sea", its water saltiness is 5-6 times higher than that of the World ocean. In 2000 Tengiz was registered in "Living Lakes" organization, which includes the most unique lakes of the world. During summer time thousands of swans, geese and ducks make nests on the lakeshore. In quiet winter one can see northern birds such as snowy owl, white grouse, waxwing, redpoll and bullfinch. The total number of bird species inhabiting Korgaldgynskiy Reserve is 32. All of them are registered in the Red Data Book. The animal world of the Reserve includes about 40 species. Here are big wild boars, swift saigas, badgers and ermines. The unique natural complex of Korgaldgynskiy Reserve was included into the list of naturally protected areas of the planet and incorporated into group "A" of Ramsar Convention. The final step will be registration of the territory in UNESCO. Korgaldgynskiy Reserve sheltered a number of endangered bird species. They are registered in Red book. Number one in the list is exotic pink flamingo. Flamingo means "flame" in Latin. People's hearts beat with joy at the sight of these big graceful birds and their habit. When moving flamingo flocks may remind you of scarlet clouds or sparkling fire-flames the colour of which vary from the light red to the deep purple.

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