Information about Akmola region

Akmola region

General information

Territory – 146,2 thousand or 5,4 per cent of republic territory.

Population for Apr, 1st, 2009 – 739,4 thousand persons, from them urban population – 333 thousand persons (45%), rural – 406,4 thousand persons (55%). The natural increase of the population of region for January-February, 2009 has made 635 persons.
Population density - 5,1 persons on 1 sq. km.
Administrative centre – Kokshetau, founded in 1824.
The population of the regional centre for April 1, 2009 – 145,8 thousand persons.
The region consists of 2 cities of regional value - Kokshetau and Stepnogorsk, 8 cities of regional submission (Akkol, Atbasar, Derzhavinsk, Ereimentau, Esil, Makinsk, Stepnyak, Shchuchinsk), 17 rural areas, 5 settlements and 660 villages and auls.
The region is located in the north of the central part of Republic of Kazakhstan. It borders in the west – with Kostanai, in the north – with North Kazakhstan, in the east – with Pavlodar and in the south with Karaganda regions.
The region has considerable economic potential and natural resources.
Prospects of the further development are defined by possibility of region positioning not only as an exporter of raw materials’ source, but also as a supplier of middle - and the hi-tech goods and services.
The volume of regional gross output for 2008 has made 457,5 billion tenge, with mid-annual rate of growth for last three years more than 39%. RGO has made 614,3 thousand tenge per capita, with growth on 80,7% in comparison with 2006.

Natural-climatic conditions

Relief of the territory is various: the most part is occupied with steppes, small hilliness, flat weak divided and river valleys, the mountains are covered with woods.
Climate of the region is sharply continental. Summer is short, warm; winter is long-lasting, frosty, with strong winds and with, blizzards. The minimum temperature of air makes - 40°С and maximum reaches +44° C.
The vegetation is presented by steppe kinds of grass and according to landscapes, especially in northern part of area, pine-birch woods, motley grass vegetation, which covers slopes of mountains. Mountain pine woods is the riches of area.
The region’s fauna differs by considerable riches and variety: 55 kinds of mammals, 180 kinds of birds, 300 kinds of waterfowl, etc.
There are State national natural parks as "Kokshetau" and «Burabai», Korgalzhyn National park is of the international value in the area territory.
There are concentrated unique stocks of gold, silver, uranium, molybdenum, technical diamonds, kaolin and muscovite, and also iron ore, coal, dolomite, widespread minerals, mineral waters and a medical dirt in the area territory. Measured value of balance stocks makes not less than 20 billion US dollars, and prognostic resources are – more than on 100 billion US dollars.
Soils are presented by ordinary chernozems and chestnut, differing only by heavy mechanical structure, raised alkalinity and salinization, low water penetration.

Economy directions

The agricultural production is one of the primary branches of economy. The region makes the fourth part republic-wide volume of high-quality food wheat. There are possibilities and raw-material base for enterprise development of agricultural production processing. Development of agricultural sector is carried out within the limits of the Program of a sustainable development of agriculture and the Program of rural territories’ development.
The industrial potential of region is presented by mining enterprises and manufacturing industry, in which basic volume is directed to foodstuff manufacture, mechanical engineering and nonferrous metallurgy production. Molybdenum manufacture, the chemical industry, the enterprises of building industry have been developing as well.
The area occupies territory extremely favorable for development of tourist business. Rest zones have the convenient geographical position connected with affinity of densely populated industrial regions.
Having unique natural-climatic conditions – beauty of a landscape with a magnificent combination of rocky mountains, coniferous woods, lakes with convenient beaches, recreational zones of lakes at resort «Burabai», lakes as Jockey, Katarkol, Maibalyk, Big and Small Chebachye it is possible to compete with the well known resorts of CIS states. There are State national natural parks "Burabai", «Kokshetau» in the area territory, and also international meaning has Korgalzhyn reserve, being one of the most unique places in all Euro-Asian continent.


One of the primary directions of region’s development is the agricultural production. The agriculture share in structure of regional gross output has made 18,1% in 2008.
Akmola region is one of the largest grain-sowing regions both at present and in prospect, which has been continuing to be one of the main exporters of grain in the country, including wheat of strong and firm grades.
Gross yield of grain in mid-annual calculation makes about 4 million tons, including an export potential – to 1,5 million tons of high-quality grain.
In total amount of gross manufacture of agricultural branch nearby 1/3 makes animal industry production. The stable increase is annually provided in a livestock of all kinds of cattle and manufacture of cattle-breeding production.
The region takes confident position in the development of the enterprises of processing agricultural production as one of the largest agricultural regions. In the development of the given direction one of the main competitive advantages of area is – an arrangement in the territory, geographically generated around fast growing capital of Astana.
One of the primary goals is creation food belt around Astana, it includes: supplying capital’s inhabitants with qualitative foodstuff, increasing in foodstuffs’ deliveries and taking worthy niche among suppliers of production in the capital’s market, the area and the developing zones of rest. All areas of the region are involved in realization of the given program.
These projects are directed on creation of feeding platforms and large-commodity dairy farms with the finished cycle of processing dairy production. So, for example, large dairy-commodity farm with a livestock of 1200 heads in LLP «Esil Agro» Shchuchinsk area, feeding platform on 5000 heads in LLP «Ak Bas» Enbekshilder area. New poultry farm is constructed in LLP "Kazger" of Enbekshilder area.
Meat-processing complex is put into operation producing 10 tons of meat in change in Shchuchinsk area.
The enterprises interested in Kazakhstan market have possibility to take part in realization the projects in these directions.
For the purpose of the further development of agro industrial sector it has been working out further integration of agricultural formation and their specializations that promotes to process activity on introduction high technologies and renovating mechanical-tractor fleet, basically by high-efficiency techniques of foreign manufacture. For realization of the given direction the area is interested in attraction foreign partners and investments.

The industry

The industrial complex of region, which share makes18,3% of regional gross output, is presented basically by the enterprises of mining branch, mechanical engineering, nonferrous metallurgy, chemical and the food-processing industry, building industry.
The basic industrial enterprises of the region are:
- Joint-stock company GMK "KazakhAltyn" and joint-stock company «Vasilkovsky GOK» - gold manufacture;
- Joint-stock company "Tynys" – manufacture of junctions and units of aviation technics, fire extinguishing means, gas shut-off armatures, medical and weight measuring technicians, polyethylene pipes;
Joint-stock company «Stepnogorsky bearing factory» - release bearings for railway rolling stock. Except internal consumption the considerable part of production is also delivered to Russia;
- Joint-stock company «Baiterek - A» – major repairs of electric locomotives;
- LLP «Stepnogorsks mountain-chemical combine» - uranium manufacture, molybdenum concentrate;
- Joint-stock company «Kokshetau mineral waters» - manufacture alcoholic beverage production, soft drinks and mineral water;
- Joint-stock company "Kamaz-engineering" - the organization of manufacture of automobile techniques;
- LLP «Orken-Atansor» – extraction of iron ore;
- Joint-stock company "KazShpal" - manufacture of ferro-concrete designs.
The network of the enterprises has developed processing of agricultural raw materials (meat-packing plants, creameries, mills, the bread-corn receiving enterprises, the enterprises for manufacture of drinks), light industry (sewing and textile manufacture).
One of the forms of the economic cooperation is the activity of joint ventures, which promotes foreign investments’ attraction to the area economy, introduces high technologies, creates new workplaces with high culture of manufacture, and organize the rational organization of work.

Transport infrastructure

One of the major branches for investments is development of the transport infrastructure which condition in many respects defines competitiveness of region.
Big attention is paid to motorways of republican value. Building of the first six-strip two hundred and five kilometer long autobahn - Astana-Shchuchinsk is carrying out, financing directed to improve local highways’ condition increases annually in the area territory.
For the purpose of the development of transport infrastructure the question of reconstruction Kokshetau airport to the parameters meeting modern requirements of rendering of the given type of service is considered.
For ordering inter-regional transport streams and stimulating growth of economic activity of the area, considering its favorable geographical arrangement, it is perspective to create transport-logistical junctions which can be transformed further to the large transport-logistical centers.
These directions are perspective for investments.


The region occupies territory extremely favorable for development of tourist business.
Great possibilities have many areas of the region for internal tourism development. There is a developed network of rest houses, sanatoria, tourist bases, dispensaries, boarding houses etc.
Shchuchinsk-Burabai resort zone is the resort place with fine natural-climatic conditions rich with medical-recreational resources and historical and cultural fund, favorable geographical arrangement in the centre of Republic, affinity to Astana, the capital of RK. In the future it promises to become the great modern tourist centre of Eurasia. Here it is planned to construct objects of business, welfare, scientifically-educational, and also entertaining appointment.
The big attention is given to infrastructure development for attraction foreign capital on the further development of resort zone. Actions have been worked out for building new roads, opening aircraft service, providing stable water-and power supply. The given measures will provide creation of conditions for investments into building edifices and constructions for residing, productive leisure and tourists’ communication.
Special economic zone «Burabai» is created to develop its territory into tourist entertaining centre for the purpose of creation favorable investment climate and attraction for domestic and foreign investments.
The tourist entertaining centre is social project: to transfer of gambling institutions will allow to reanimate an investment climate of this area, to create additional workplaces, to increase tax revenues, and also to promote development of an accompanying infrastructure.
Development of Shchuchinsk-Burabai resort zone will be promoted by the fact, than the arrangement of one of two especially taken away centres is defined at this place, where the gaming will develop.
As a whole, the area possesses huge potential for attraction investments into economy development of the region, including the international tourist business and is ready to consider any offers on cooperation.

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