Tourist possibilities of Akmolinsk region

The area occupies territory extremely favorable for development of tourist business. Rest zones have the convenient geographical position neighboring industrial densely populated regions. Having unique natural and environmental conditions, i.e. beauty of a landscape with a magnificent combination of rocky mountains, coniferous woods, convenient beaches, recreational zones of lakes of resort area Burabai, Jockey, Katarkol, Maibalyk lakes, Big and Small Chebachya it is possible to compete to the most known resorts of the CIS states. There are State national natural parks “Burabai”, “Kokshetau”, and also the Korgalzhynsky reserve of the international value, one of the most unique places on all Euro-Asian continent in the territory of the region. Shchuchinsk and Borovoye resort zone is a group of resort places with the fine nature and environmental conditions rich in medical-recreational resources and historical and cultural fund, a favourable geographical arrangement in the Republic centre, close to the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana. In the future it will become the large modern tourist centre of Eurasia. Here it is planned to construct business projects of welfare, scientific, educational, and entertaining significance. For attraction of the foreign capital in the further development of a resort zone the great attention is given to infrastructure development. There have been developed the projects on new roads construction, flight connection opening and stable water and energy supply. The undertaken projects will provide with conditions allowing to investing into construction for residing, productive leisure and tourists communication. The special economic zone Burabai has been created with a view of creation of a favorable investment climate and attraction of domestic and foreign investments and with development prospect in its territory of the tourist entertaining centre. The tourist entertaining centre is a social project: transfer of gambling institutions will allow to reanimate an investment climate of this area, to create additional workplaces, to increase tax revenues, and also to promote development of an accompanying infrastructure. Development of the Shchuchinsk and Borovoye resort zone will be promoted by that the arrangement of one of two specially taken away centres where the gaming will develop. As a whole, the area possesses huge potential for attraction of investments into development of economical region, including the international tourist business. Shchuchinsk and Borovoye resort zone In the north of Kazakhstan, between the cities of Astana and Kokshetau there is a surprising area - Borovoye. Geographically this place carries the name the Kokshetau height, and local guidebooks call it "the Pearl of Kazakhstan». Natural complexes of the Shchuchinsk and Borovoye resort zone pull tourists not only from all the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also near and far abroad: these are resort places with the fine natural and environmental conditions rich in medical-recreational resources and historical and cultural fund, a favourable geographical arrangement, presence of the transstate aviation, railway and automobile highways. Mountain Burabai (690m) is an excellent panoramic point. Burabai is a camel. The Shchuchinsk hills are to the south , the highest is called Zheke-batyr, the lone soldier (826 m.). Mountain rich resources of Burabai vicinities reveal to you unexpected secrets. Butabai is the recreational pearl of Kazakhstan situated in the fantastic mountain district filled with mystical miracles. The magnificent pine woods, enormous rocks, fantastic tops reminding Egyptian pyramids are divided by the silent lakes. Wood, steppe, meadow, marsh and saline are presented in the park, the flora totals about 800 kinds of plants. Vertebrate animals are presented by 305 kinds. 86 establishments of stationary rest are concentrated in Borovoye. The modern structure of landscapes of park territory is presented by steppe, lake, wood, forest-steppe landscapes and hilly landscapes. There are 14 lakes and a great number of small lakes in territory of the Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort zone. Such as Shchuchye, Borovoye, Big and Small Chebache, Kotyrkol – they are sparkling in the green wood. From a crest of Kokshetau are visible also small lakes: Svetloye, Karasye, Gornoye, Lebedinoye. The river network is developed poorly and presented by the small rivers, streams and time waterways. The well-known place of Borovoye is Blue gulf on the lake with the same name. Directly from gulf water the rock Zhumbaktas (Stone-riddle) rises, reminding a sphinx, against woody slopes the rock of Ok-Zhetpes (the Arrow will not reach) with the top similar to elephant towers. Here the legend is connected with each name. Zerenda In 50 km from the city of Kokshetau there is a settlement called Zerenda. Zerenda is the part of extensive territory environed by mountains and hills, covered with wood, small lakes and the rivers which have settled down on the Kokshetau height. Relative plains over which are separate hills, and ranges tower are characteristic for this area. Plains are crossed by the river valleys. Plain in places are crossed by the valleys of small rivers which frequently are breaking through in the channels deep canyons. Millions of years ago the wind, the rain, the frost, and the heat ran here. Once high mountains have settled, have cracked, showered. And now they look low, but very gentle, beautiful and attractive. When entering Zerenda it is visible, as through bluish to a smoke its bluish tops are cut. You can see the Zerendinsky natural oasis, blue tops of mountains, emerald-green carpet of the wood stretched on many dozens of kilometres in all protogenic beauty. The lake Zerenda is of the huge size and of a tectonic origin, its characteristic by its high position above sea level (370), the coastal line is cut a little up with fine beaches and lone trees rarely standing on them, mainly a pine. A lake bottom is level, sandy, covered with pebble and separate boulders. The lake length is 7 km, the depth is 6 km. The water in lake is fresh, transparent, the water temperature in summer reaches to 24 degree above zero. The lake is abundant of such fish as, rudd, ruff, perch, peled, vendace, mirror carp. Zerenda is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes of this area. It is not only a nature ornament, but also favourite vacation spot. Korgalzhyn There is a unique place for development of ecological tourism, Korgalzhyn in this area. It is sparsely populated steppes – Korgalzhyn, which is located in the Central Kazakhstan, in 130 km from Astana (capital). The region pearl is the Korgalzhyn reserve. It is especially protected territory of Kazakhstan occupying the space of 2600 sq. km. It is the most extensive water area of a steppe zone and one of the most unique places on all the Euro-Asian continent. The largest territory in Asia is a habitat of the population of water fowl. In 1974 according to the Ramsarsky Convention on protection of waterfowls, the territory entered the list grounds of the international value, and in 2000 has entered a network «Live lakes» of the Global Natural Fund. It is the first natural territory of Kazakhstan nominated in the World cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO. 299 kinds of birds from 23 groups are registered in the reserve territory. It is approximately 60 % from all the avifauna of Kazakhstan, 120 kinds nest, 63 stray, other 116 are noted on flight. Birds who are registered in the Red book presented by 32 kinds that makes 14 % from all the avifauna reserve. Here there are approximately 60 % (26 kinds) “Red book” birds of Kazakhstan, 112 kinds of water-marsh birds, including grebe 4, diver1, copepod 3, long-legged 9, a flamingo 1, placoid – beak 28, shepherd’s purse 6, cranes 3, sandpiper 42, seagulls and terns 15. There is a pink pelican in the reserve territory since 1994, the population of a pink and curly pelican totals 80-120 couples. Nested populations of a flamingo and oxyura leucocephala are the largest in the central Asia, 16000 and 120 couples accordingly, a lappish goose – peeper to 5000 pieces. Fish fauna is presented by 12 kinds that makes approximately 10 % of specific structure of fish of Kazakhstan, the most numerous are the crucian carp, a perch, small fry, a pike. Four types of vegetation are protected in the reserve communities. The water-marsh and meadow vegetation, small sites of steppe vegetation (sheep fescue and feather grass formations) prevail. The flora totals 331 kind of floral plants. In the reserve the structure of vertebrate animals is full enough revealed. 41 kind of mammals, representatives of 6 groups habitat here. Under the relation of fauna of animals of Kazakhstan it makes about 26,5 %. Invertebrate animals have not been practically studied in the reserve. Sandyktau There are 4 hotels on 112 places, 4 hotel houses for reception of ecotourists, 3 entertaining establishments, rest zones (Botvinov M. I, Open Company Rivs LTD of Sandyktau), tourist firm КТК Druzhba, a cultural-tourist complex Stalker functioning in Sandyktau area in the market of tourist services. The Center of coordination and the information of ecological formation Ecos is realised by the public project association Heritage under the international program of funds Eurasia, USAID, Exon Mobile, the program of small grants GEF «Ecotourism development in the territory of Akmolinsk area since October, 2005 in territory of Sandyktau area. The modern tourist industry of area will be based on unique natural and cultural potential of area in the long term. This region is rich in monuments of culture, archeology and they all must be kept in an appropriate kind as it is one of tourist's product principal views. There is a museum of local lore in Sandyktau secondary school; there are old residents who remember history of occurrence of the settlement, the well-known natives of this region. The Sandyktau mountains serve the purpose for ecotourism development. The fine natural landscapes, a rich variety of flora and the fauna, ecologically favorable area can be used, as a fine tourist product. Fanciful outlines of island mountains Shishi, virginity of the wild nature, the rare species, vegetation inherent only in this area, will serve as attraction of ecotourists, and rocky steep slopes of Tujktinsky falls – a find for development of extreme tourism. There is the initiative creative group of people rallied in SVT-GROUP (ecological community) for service of tourists in Sandyktau. It is not required a lot of investment for development of ecotourism and extreme tourism in a correct approach to business and further it will be of big prospects of tourism in Sandyktau region. Yereimentau Shchuchinsk and Borovoye resort zone being filled by anthropogenic load, there arose a necessity of development of other areas having high tourist and recreational potential. Such areas first of all concern Yereimentau region. The Yereimentau region has all preconditions for development by the tourist activity. The peculiar feature of region is mountains Karagaily or Falcon mountains. The mountain landscape in the Yereimentau region, rich flora and fauna, an abundance of the lakes located among continuous Kazakh hills. All these riches is still poorly used for attraction of tourist streams. Yereimentau low mountains and Falcon island mountains are possible approach for development of ecological extreme tourism. Extensiveness of territory and, practically underpopulation allow to establish optimum loading on territory of Yereimentau mountains without any harm to the natural and territorial complex. Objects of tourism infrastructure and rest are functioning in the market of tourist in Yereimentau area are: 1 hotel Dostyk, the total capacity is 28 places, 1 children's recreation camp Zhuldyz for 79 places, 9 objects of roadside service including 4 roadside cafes, 2 campings on 20 places, 3 roadside gas stations. Besides, 500 children of Astana and other regions have a rest in Algabas, where campaigns on complex routes I, II categories are annually held. Joint-stock company Akmolatourist representation operates in Yereimentau. Natural abilities allow to create base of rest around natural boundary Kalkaman (a spring, wood, a reservoir, close to a city). From here it is possible to begin rounds for all kinds of active and passive rest. Also, lakes Tles, Korzhunkul, Ordabaj, Bojzagyr, Kablankol, with. Algabas, Baimen, mountains Akdyn, Belodymka, a Torah, natural boundary Karagajly (Sokolinka) are favorable places for development of ecological tourism. The Yereimentau area is a unique place for building of rest and tourist centres zones.

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