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Merey Hotel $47 - $235

Standart Single Room




от 7000 тг.
Welcome to four-star hotel complex Merey in Karaganda! A newly built four star hotel complex "Merey" was opened in Karaganda in 2007, and is situated in parkland of the city center ...
Views: 42104 Rating: 5.38 / 10 Reviews

Zere hotel $101 - $202

Standart Single Room


Junior Suite




от 15000 тг.
Zere Hotel in Karaganda offers comfortable accommodation in junior suites and suites.
Views: 34847 Rating: 8.75 / 10 Reviews

Standart Single Room




Presidential suite


от 17000 тг.
The hotel complex Dostar Alem in Karaganda is a hotel of essentially new type constructed with the account of features of a modern megacity. A cascade falls and abundance exotic plants in the territory of the hotel, like an oasis in infinite steppes of Kazakhstan, will make you feel relaxed during your stay at the hotel.
Views: 90360 Rating: 8.09 / 10 Reviews
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