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от 5000 тг.
Уважаемые наши посетители и гости! Мы постараемся учесть все пожелания наших партнеров и предоставить наилучшие условия по соотношению цена/качество.
Views: 14995 Rating: 8 / 10 Reviews

Gracia Hotel $13 - $51

Standart Single Room


Standart Double/Twin Room


Junior Suite Double


Junior Suite


Suite Double




от 1900 тг.
Gracia Hotel is located in the very centre of Karaganda. The city park is only few minutes away from the hotel building.
Views: 40321 Rating: 5.18 / 10 Reviews

Sozvezdie Hotel $27 - $135

Standart Single Room


Junior Suite




от 4000 тг.
Sozvezdie hotel in Karaganda is a luxury accommodation, which offers quality service to customers from all over the world. The hotel is located not far from the International Airport, as ...
Views: 38968 Rating: 2.5 / 10 Reviews
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