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Hotels in Petropavlovsk, a city in the North of Kazakhstan, are listed below. Please use a filter of prices, category and facilities on the left-hand side to find a hotel that suits you best. Online booking of hotels is available.
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от 4000 тг.
Hotel Kyzyl Zhar, located in a cozy and picturesque area of Petropavlovsk, cordially invites our valued guests! Kyzyl Zhar - a worthy component of the hospitality of Petropavlovsk city. The hotel is deservedly popular among residents of Kazakhstan and foreign guests of the city. There are all conditions for a perfect holiday and business meetings in the hotel. Online booking of hotel rooms is available.
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Standart Single Room


Standart Double/Twin Room


Junior Suite




от 5000 тг.
Small hotel Astana is offered in Petropavlovsk. The hotel is located in one of the most comfortable quiet scenic areas of downtown Petropavlovsk - the city park, and is 2,5 km away from Bus and Railway Stations, 25 km from the Petropavlovsk Airport and five minutes from the administrative and business centers and nightlife of the city. This is an ideal accommodation to stay for people who come to Petropavlovsk on a business trip or on vacation. The hotel offers high level of security, quality service and affordable prices.
Views: 75083 Rating: 4.81 / 10 Reviews
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