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Standart Single Room


Standart Double/Twin Room


от 14000 тг.
In his inimitable style hotel "Kyzylorda" is located in the heart of the city of Kyzylorda, near the museum. This is the first hotel in Kyzylorda, built according to a special project.
Views: 52583 Rating: 4.18 / 10 Reviews

Selena Star Hotel $41 - $108

Standart Single Room


Standart Double/Twin Room


Junior Suite Single


Junior Suite Double


от 6000 тг.
Selena Star Hotel is located near the railway station of Kyzylorda, 10 min. from the city center and 30 minutes drive from Kyzylorda Airport. Affordable prices and convenient location makes ...
Views: 82759 Rating: 5.73 / 10 Reviews
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