1 June many works have been done to please children.

In honour of day of the Great victory in park "Victory" repair has been made. As it is park here all townsmen should come. Caring of pleasant pastime of children also have constructed this park corresponding to time requirements. In park "Victory" have made a platform for driving on rollers, and also for local branch of party «НурОтан« 1 tennis court is arranged well. By the way even if we undertook these affairs for their realisation on promoted local generous, patriots, such as: "Otau-build", "Nur-build", «Strojservis 21», "Ibragim", "Jugsroj", «Түрістан тазалы қ» which have given financial support. Together with it for development of empty seats among many-storeyed apartment houses in microdistrict Sauran two athletic fields have opened. Besides to Umbet Zhusipbaev the notable person in our city has rendered all the sponsor's help


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