Come - they do not bite

September 29 at 10:00 am in the sports complex in Victory Park will be the first in Atyrau All-Breed Dog Show.
According to the Director of Atyrau regional association of amateur dog Gulmira YERKINOVA, the exhibition will be attended by members of the club with their pets, and others are invited owners of purebred dogs who think that their pet is the most beautiful and intelligent (inquiries tel. 23-17-81, 8701 38 48 462). By the way, the club promises to help prepare our younger brothers to the show - the good, there is still time.
The first exhibition is expected to pass a good level - expert invited by the vice-president of the republican public association "Union of Kazakhstan handlers" Natalia DROVOSEKOVA, which enjoys great prestige among dog owners. Entrance for spectators is free.



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