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 Health complex opened in a solemn ceremony with the participation of First Deputy Governor of Amandyk Batalov, deputy akim Serik Mukanova, first deputy chairman of the regional branch of "Nur Otan" Ergazy Koshanbekova rector ZHGU name I.Zhansugurov Abdimanapa Bekturganova, high school teachers and students. Opening speech in the official part of the celebrations opened Abdimanap Bekturganov by focusing on the fact that the camp began operations in 1984. It was designed for 50 people. First, there were the pioneers of the practice, and later rested students and university employees. During optimization, the 1994 camp was abandoned, but fortunately, it could save. Almost twenty years later, a place of rest restored.
Then addressed the audience first deputy akim Amandyk Batalov. He thanked the university for what university took the liberty to open a stationary fitness center. On such a costly step today do not dare even many large enterprises. Noting the concern of the leadership of the university health of its employees and students Amandyk Gabbasovich stressed that the regional administration for its part is trying as much as possible to help repair the access road to the health spa. First deputy chairman of the regional branch of "Nur Otan" Ergazy Koshanbekov noted that this year's People's Democratic Party will try to provide targeted assistance to each child from low-income families and give them the opportunity to relax in the summer camps in the charity event. The distinguished guests cut the symbolic scarlet ribbon and got acquainted with the camp.


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