About meeting of Zhambul region akim K.Bozumbaev with gifted children.

Today the akim of region Kanat Bozumbaev meet with the winner international, republic Olympiad and scientific competiton ,which was in 2012-2013 study year. In meeting were present 109 gifted children and headmasters and teachers of school.
In 2012-2013 study year pupils of region conquered 39 prize place and 6 gold, 17 silver and 16 bronze medals.
Ashim Kairat -pupil of regional Kazakh-turkish school-internat for gifted boys became possessor of only gold medal of Kazakh team in 47th International Mendeleev Olympiad, which was 22-28th of April 2013 in Tashkent on base filial of Moscow State University by name M.Lomonosov. And final year pupils of this school-internat Ryskulbekov Azamat and Binazar Zhasulan and final year pupil of gymnasium №1 of Taraz city Zagribelny Bogdan conquered bronze medals.
4 of 6 national team prizewinners of Kazakhstan on comprehensive subject was in 12-18th of March 2013 in Taldykorgan at naturally–mathematical subject and 25-31t of March 2013 in Taraz at social-humanitarian subject. Only in Republic Olympiad took part 84 pupils,59 who became winner(in 2012-46 winner)and 23 pupils conquered gold medals and 13 pupils-silver and 23 pupils bronze medals.
From results Republic Olympiad on comprehensive 2013 year subject ,the region team twice conquered 1 team place and honored with title “The best Olympic team-2013”,in regional Kazakh-turkish school-internat for gifted boys 5th year honored with title “The best Olympic school”, in this year this title honored with regional school-internat “Daryn”,and regional Kazakh-turkish school-internat for gifted girl by name Aisha-bibi.
The republic scientific competition of pupils was 19-23rd of February 2013 in Almaty.
In Scientific competition took part only 29 pupils, and 18th of them became winner ,after conquering 3 gold,3 silver and 12 bronze medals. The team of region on Republic scientific competition in 2007,2008,2009 took the 2nd national team place,in 2010,2011-3rd national team place, in 2012 2nd national place,in 2013 for the first time the team of region took 1st national team place and honored with title “The best team of Republic scientific competition 2013”.
In meeting akim of region K.Bozumbaev delivered valuable presents and smartphones to the winners of international Olympic and scientific competition.


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