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 The exhibition KITF has been widely presented as the Kazakhstan market of inbound tourism and outbound tourism. The central place in the «KITF-2013" held the stand of the Committee of the tourism industry of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Here were represented in all regions of the tourism Kazakhstan (14 oblasts and the cities of Astana and Almaty). One of the main objectives of KITF this year was a demonstration of Kazakhstan's tourism product and attract international tourism organizations and companies to cooperate to increase tourist traffic between the two countries. During the exhibition, a seminar-presentation of the Committee's tourism industry MINT RK together with the management of «EXPO-2017" in cooperation with tour operators in Kazakhstan. One trend is the growing interest in the Kazakhstan sector companies in the medical and health tourism.
Almaty region this year from the tourist novelties presented a sports complex «Ak Bulak» Soldiers in the valley, a mountain resort "Forest Tale" in the valley Oh, and Karagaj camp "Maralsay" in the same tract of the Ile-Alatau State National Natural Park in Talgarskiy area and the tourist route "Altyn aymaқ ZHETYSU" - for 7 days, you can visit the state national parks of Almaty region ("the Ile-Alatau", "Charyn," "Altyn Emel", "Kolsais kөlderі") and Lake Kayindy, learn the history of Kazakhstan and its natural resources, see herds of gazelles and wild asses, birds and predators living in the territory of Kazakhstan, as well as get acquainted with its flora and rare, threatened and relict plants.
Ukraine, which has to Kazakhstan in 2013 at the state level is an agreement on the treatment of Kazakhstan in the resorts of Western Ukraine - Truskavets and Morshyn was presented sanatorium "Carpathians" (Truskavets) and medicinal spa "Kievan Rus" (Skhidnytsia).
Following the exhibition «KITF-2013 'top five leaders of the participating countries was as follows: 1) Kazakhstan, 2) Turkey 3) United Arab Emirates, 4) China 5) Malaysia.


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