The group of New Orleans acted on Shamsha Avenue in Shymkent

 From 8 o'clock in the evening on a scene music already played and songs sounded. The first the numbers showed local stars. They should warm up properly public before performance of foreign guests. Our actors consulted with the task. But nevertheless the rough delight in southerners was caused by emergence of the American jazz group. Live execution, powerful power and unusual numbers subdued the audience who has not got used to such music. Only the most resistant managed to remain sitting on the places, the others danced directly before the scene and even managed to learn words of songs. Among fans of age restrictions wasn't. The youth and the senior generation side by side danced under «Whateve you wanna do» rhythms, »MR. Old Man», «One Night Stand» and other incendiary songs. In a word, actors gave all the best for all 100 %. The soloist of group Shamar Alain declared that so it was pleasant to it in Shymkent that next time it already remains here forever. The enchanting concert came to the end at night. Happy shymkentets didn't want to release still for a long time new idols. The creative collective in turn thanked hospitable and grateful southerners, having promised to visit the solar city once again. Now musicians will go to submit other southern cities. The group of New Orleans arrived to Shymkent for only 2 days. The following of the American guests will meet Taraz and Almaty.


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