In Shymkent there was the Astana

 In the future, in the neighbourhood with the prospectus there will be a picturesque park (it will be behind shop), then will erect a building of drama theater, showroom and an administrative center. So, dear inhabitants, and guests of Shymkent, we will have one more remarkable place where it will be possible to descend all family. The composition «Will open also ate журег і». Certainly, in honor of a holiday and in honor of opening arranged a concert where Shymkent talents acted with the dancing and vocal numbers. But, this day, they drew attention of guests, and drawing on asphalt, extent of 500 meters. About 600 young artists drew the peace sky and the capital, happy children, cars, the nature and new constructions of the city of Astana. For drawing it is spent 1 ton of paint and 150 pastes.« Young artists not the first time participate in such action, at first we painted Kunayev Street kilometer, and now under our brushes 500 meters of the new prospectus got. It is very healthy to take part in a holiday. And drawing at us turned out bright and beautiful, we besides, made everything in time. I hope it to be pleasant to all comers» — Kuanysh Malikov, the director of children's school, Yunesko club speaks. Children used 4 colors: green, dark blue, yellow, red. For work 6 hours left, generally. Moldaseitov, the deserved builder of Shymkent Abdugani Tashkarayev made a speech at city action with the speech aky the cities of Kayrats. And the base (capsule) was put by Dusenkul Bopova and writer Erkinbek Turusov.


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