On the safety of tourists in preparation for tourist season

In accordance with article 26 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the tourism activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan" dated June 13, 2001 N 211 "Ensuring the safety of tourists", Tourism Management, Physical Culture and Sports in cooperation with the competent authorities are constantly working to ensure the safety of tourists, those related to security of citizens in the summer on the waters of Akmola region.
In view of the beach infrastructure and services to leisure visitors to the beaches, as well as measures for the safety of citizens during the summer on the water, on May 18 this year Office of tourism, physical education and sport held a workshop organizers beach tourism Akmola region with health, environmental services, emergency department, health and fitness facilities, national parks, the organizers of beach tourism, educational tourism preparing footage Akmola region.
The above workshop was aimed at implementing the objectives to strengthen the coordination of activities of state agencies related to the safety of citizens during the summer tourist season.
The report "On main directions of development of tourism in Akmola" made Batyrhanov Sh.B. - Deputy Head of TFKS. According to the workshop program, the information "about the state of and prospects for development of beach tourism in the SNNP" Burabai "presented Erkebaev E.T. - Director of SNNP "Burabai", where it was noted that to maintain the integrity of ecosystems and the development of tourism, you must first create the infrastructure of utilities, as well as the solution to the problems associated with contamination of the water basin, littered the most visited sites and waste disposal problems.
With the theme "On the development of tourism in the Burabai-Shchuchinsk resort area, the state and prospects" made Kupriyanov T. - Head of Business Burabaysk area where problems have been reflected beach tourism development and adoption of concrete measures with a view to ensuring the preservation of the environment and the safety of tourists.
In the workshop participated and made Tegzhanova A.R. - deputy Director of the Department of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Akmola region. In her speech reflected the sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the placement, arrangement and content sites in the seaside area of surface water Shchuchinsk-Borovsky resort.
Listened to presentations by representatives of the Department of Emergency on prevention and safety regulations on the waters of tourists in the summer (swimming) season. The seminar was an exchange of views organizers of beach tourism. Presenters and speakers noted the presence of a number of problems associated with the development of beach tourism in Akmola. The workshop concluded with a practical part in which Parkhomenko, A.E. - President of the Surf Club "port tack" demonstrated new directions in the development of recreational waters in the Akmola region.
The workshop made recommendations that were brought to the subjects of tourism business. The recommendations reflect the steps to create a developed coastal infrastructure to increase the flow of tourists in the resort area, improving services, which would entail the development of services in general, and certainly will affect the flow of the state budget.


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